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10 best Ultimate Team cards in FIFA 22

If you’re looking to dominate the competition, these 10 best Ultimate Team cards are going to torment your opponents. 



Best FUT players FIFA 22

Here are the 10 best Ultimate Team cards players can get their hands on in FIFA 22 only three months after release.

Three months into Ultimate Team and we’ve seen a considerable amount of top-tier players in FIFA 22. Whether you have the funds to buy these amazing cards on the market or you’re lucky enough to receive one through packs, these cards are a nightmare for opposing players.

Icons and FUT Heroes would undoubtedly dominate this list therefore they will not be included.

Here are the top 10 best Ultimate Team cards in FIFA 22.

Best cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

10. Cristiano Ronaldo – Champions League TOTGS

Ronaldo FUT stats

Who else but CR7 to kick off the list? Although his Rare Gold card isn’t as desirable a card as it once was, Ronaldo remains one of the best players in the game. The fact that other players seem more dominant at the moment speaks to the increase in powerful cards that FIFA 22 players have experienced. 

Nonetheless, this Ronaldo Team of the Group Stage card is the perfect striker card that matches multiple play styles. Whether you want to drive into the box with incredible dribbling and 5* skills or use Ronaldo’s 99 jumping stat to be an aerial threat, Ronaldo will feel highly intuitive. 

9. Marquinhos – Champions League Live 

Marquinhos FUT stats

It would be a shame not to have a CB on this list. As the best CB in the game, Marquinhos earns his spot via a Champions League Live card.

The Brazilian’s pace, strength, and defending statistics make him the ideal CB. Once you factor in absurd short and long passing abilities, it’s clear to see why Marquinhos is one of the best. 

Top CBs are often judged by how they “feel” in-game therefore some Rare Gold cards (Kimpembe) can prove to be just as great as the best CBs in FUT’s most recent promos. For this reason, Marquinhos will be the only Defender on this Attack-centric list. 

8. Lionel Messi – Ones to Watch

Messi FUT stats

Messi has been an Ultimate Team staple for years now. Packing his card is an ethereal feeling and his Ones to Watch card in FIFA 22 is one of the best. The Argentine’s OTW card is live, meaning it is eligible for additional upgrades. At the moment the 95 rated RW is a menace on the pitch.

His Finesse Shot and Long Shot Taker traits will have your opponents cowering in fear, expecting attempts on goal. All of his stats are excellent and the fact that the winger exhibits strong links with ever-popular Ligue 1 players is a breath of fresh air. 

7. Vinicius Junior – La Liga POTM

Vinicius FUT stats

Vinicius Junior has been one of the most talked-about FUT players this year. All four of Vinicius Junior’s special cards have been highly sought after and this POTM version is by far the best. This is the only player on the list that was available through SBC, although it certainly wasn’t a cheap one. 

5* skills and 4* weak foot is a great combination for a winger. Players can use his 99 pace to drive at opponents’ defenders. The Brazilian’s finishing may not be the best but his pace and dribbling will put you in scoring positions more often than not. 

6. Mohamed Salah – Champions League TOTGS

Salah FUT stats

Alongside Vinicius, Salah is yet another winger who already boasts four special cards. Of the four, the Champions League Team of the Group Stage card is the top option. Stats-wise, there is no better winger in the Premier League. Salah is a treat at all times with his outstanding shooting, passing, dribbling, and pace. 

The one letdown here is the fact that the Liverpool star lacks 5* skills and boasts 3* weak foot. Top FUT players tend to gravitate towards cards with at least 4* weak foot. However, the Premier League links are a big boost. 

5. Gabriel Jesus – Versus Fire

Jesus FUT stats

Jesus is another card that takes advantage of fantastic chemistry options. His Brazilian nation and Premier League status make fitting him into squads a simple task. 5* skills will make guarding this ST a tough task.

His superb dribbling makes him a shifty striker that should be used to drive into the box rather than lead the line. His 96 acceleration will leave most CBs in the dust, while a finishing stat of 90 rounds out his skill set. 

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Winter Wildcards

Ibrahimovic FUT stats

The iconic ST is one of the most recent additions to FUT as part of Winter Wildcards team two. At the time of writing, he is the most expensive player item on the market excluding Icons. Most players won’t have 3 million coins to spare so packing the striker is your best bet. 

What makes Zlatan special is his unique frame and skill set. For such a big body, the striker feels nimble and quick to get around defenders. He can utilize 5* skills to create space in the box where the giant usually dominates.

3. Kevin De Bruyne – Signature Signings 

KDB FUT stats

Kevin De Bruyne shines as the only midfielder in a list dominated by forwards. Finally, a star with 5* weak foot. De Bruyne is one of the best dual threats in the game. Not only is his ability to create space for forward players incredible thanks to amazing passing and dribbling, but his shooting is also phenomenal. 

When KDB runs straight up the pitch at defenders, there is no way to defend. Thanks to his ability to hit the ball with both feet, the CAM can use his 93 shot power and long shot stats to terrorize opponents. 

2. Neymar Jr – Winter Wildcards

Neymar FUT stats

Neymar is a phenomenal card to own regardless of item type, but this Winter Wildcards takes the Brazilian to the next level. For starters, this card shifts Neymar’s position from LW to ST. This opens up endless possibilities including playing Neymar as a midfielder.

His biggest weakness was always going to be his strength as a striker. To get the best out of Neymar you’re going to want to be mindful of where opposing CBs are positioned. Neymar’s dribbling and pace are obviously outstanding but his passing is highly underrated. This skill set makes him a great option at CAM.

1. Kylian Mbappe – TOTW 9

Mbappe FUT stats

Mbappe rounds out PSG’s dynamic trio of attacking options. At the moment, this inform version of Mbappe from TOTW 9 is the best attacking option in Ultimate Team. Surprisingly, Mbappe has yet to receive a special card from a FUT promo, although that is rumored to change with the upcoming FUT Headliners promo. 

Mbappe feels incredible in-game thanks to his lightning pace and ideal body type. 5* skills, 92 ball control, and 93 Agility will make quick work of defenders. When Mbappe gets a sight at goal he can be trusted thanks to a finishing stat of 94. 

Furthermore, the striker’s French ties make him supremely easy to fit into just about any squad. 

With more and more amazing cards released with every new FUT promotion, this list is sure to change. However, at the moment these are the best Ultimate Team cards excluding Icons and FUT Hero cards. If you manage to get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky!

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Image Credits: EA / FUTBIN


FIFA 23: Release date, crossplay, new features, more

FIFA 23 is right around the corner, and EA have prepared a ton of new content for players to enjoy so here’s everything you need to know.



FIFA 23 Mbappe face

FIFA 23 release date is fast approaching, and football fans are eager to discover what EA has in store for them this year. Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 will be EA Sports’ final football game with the FIFA branding as they get set to introduce EA Sports FC to the world next year.

Therefore, expectations for FIFA 23 are high and after EA showcased the new features and additions that await players across Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Pro Clubs, there’s clearly a look to look forward to.

We’ll break down every new feature coming to FIFA 23 as well as the official release date, to best prepare you for an expansive final chapter.

Jack Grealish FIFA 23

Will FIFA 23 have crossplay?

FIFA 23 will have a crossplay feature for certain modes at launch. Crossplay in FIFA 23 will be limited to 1vs1 modes when the game releases. This will mainly impact Ultimate Team gameplay as players on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will face each other. Meanwhile, PS4 and Xbox One users will also match up against each other

This also means that a massive amount of players will be sharing one FUT market in FIFA. To find out more about changes to the market, you can read our article explaining how the Ultimate Team market will function in FIFA 23.

Unfortunately, EA confirmed that there would be no crossplay feature for the Pro Clubs mode. This infuriated players, and after a ton of backlash from the FIFA community, EA hinted that the feature could make its way to Pro Clubs post-launch.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team new features

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team fans are in for some major changes. For starters, position modifiers as we know them will be removed from the game.

Instead, players will have secondary positions that mirror their real-life position changes. For example, Kyler Walker would be able to operate on full chemistry at RB or CB.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team squad chemistry

Another major change set to hit the Ultimate Team mode is FIFA 23’s brand-new chemistry system. Chemistry lines across your squad are a thing of the past in FIFA 23. You’ll know have more freedom to build your squad with a less restrictive chemistry system.

This system will factor in nations, leagues, and clubs across the entire pitch in order to give players a chemistry rating between 0-3. Proximity is no longer a factor as Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold produce chemistry from RB to LB.

Check out our guide on Ultimate Team’s new game mode called FUT Moments for a look at what to expect in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 World Cup modes

The World Cup mode added to FIFA 18 was a massive hit among players, and the community has been urging EA to revisit the feature for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

While we currently don’t know how many game modes will feature World Cup content, EA did confirm that there will be some involvement via the Ultimate Team mode.

It’s understood that both the men’s and women’s versions of the World Cup will be celebrated in FIFA 23, but we’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for players.

Mallory Pugh in FIFA 22

Given that the men’s tournament takes place in the winter of 2022 this time around, and the women’s edition is in the summer of 2023, EA would have plenty of time to give both footballing festivals the proper treatment.

FIFA 23 new & removed clubs

Due to licensing agreements, it’s not unusual to see clubs and leagues join and depart the FIFA franchise with every new release. Lately, certain Serie A licenses have been difficult to come by with notable clubs Juventus, Lazio, and Atalanta missing from the game.

EA confirmed that Juventus will be returning to FIFA this year in full capacity, with Claudio Marchisio leading the charge as a FUT Hero item available to Ultimate Team players.

While one partnership seems to be reignited, another one is set to end in FIFA 23 as reports claim that the J-League will be removed from the game. If reports are true, this would mark the end of a 6-year partnership between the Japanese League and EA Sports.

Mbappe with FIFA 23 and J-League logo

With a ton of different licenses to take note of, it could be difficult to keep track of which teams, leagues, and stadiums will be involved in FIFA 23, but we’ve made a guide to help you out.

FIFA 23 gameplay changes

In addition to changes to the Pro Clubs and Career Mode offerings in FIFA 23, EA were also excited to announce several gameplay changes. These changes are meant to freshen up the way the game feels on the pitch.

For starters, set pieces have undergone an overhaul in FIFA 23, with penalties receiving a simplified mechanic. Set pieces also include free kicks and corners, which you’ll have to learn how to master once more this year.

One of the most entertaining ways to flex your FIFA prowess is through skill moves, and in FIFA 23 there will be more to master than ever before. You can check out our guide to discover all of the gameplay changes being introduced in FIFA 23.

For more on the FIFA series, be sure to check out our guide on how to pre-order FIFA 23 with editions available, prices, & bonuses.

Image credits: EA Sports

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Chemistry changes, position overhaul, FUT Moments, more

FIFA 23 is introducing a ton of new features and changes to the fan favorite Ultimate Team game mode, so here’s what to expect.



FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Stadium

FIFA 23 is fast approaching and with the Ultimate Team mode set to attract football fans around the world once more, here’s a look at the new features that will make their way to FUT.

Ultimate Team will continue to be the main attraction of the FIFA franchise as players look forward to the release of FIFA 23. Expectations for FIFA 23 are high as the final game before the long-standing partnership between EA and FIFA comes to a close.

The Ultimate Team mode will once again deliver a ton of content for players to discover including Icons and FUT Heroes. However, EA confirmed that there’s plenty of innovation on the way that is set to shake up the Ultimate Team game mode.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Ultimate Team features in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team chemistry changes

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team new chemistry changes

Building the ideal Ultimate Team squad has always revolved around linking players through the mode’s chemistry system. For years, players who share the same Nationality, Club, and or League always produced the best chemistry results.

This added chemistry would give players a performance boost in-game. EA have completely altered how chemistry is calculated in FIFA 23, doing away with chemistry lines across your squad.

Players can now link across the entire pitch. This means that your LB and RB can build chemistry with each other, as well as your GK and ST. For example, Mbappe will create chemistry with Marquinhos within the same squad.

Players have three diamonds next to their items that represent their personal chemistry, with a panel on the left side of your screen that will help you adjust the team’s chemistry.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team position overhaul

FIFA 23 positioning change Ultimate Team

If the changes to chemistry weren’t enough to get you excited, EA also delivered a complete overhaul to how positioning works in Ultimate Team.

In FIFA 22, players could change position by following a linear path. For example, RWs could swap to RMs to better suit your desired formation. However, players have long been asking for a change to positioning to make it feel more authentic.

Position changes in FIFA 23 will be based on real-life player positions. If a player has experience playing in multiple positions, a position modifier card will allow them to show their versatility. Players can have up to three alternate positions.

Two great examples of this new feature happen to be Manchester City defenders Joao Cancelo and Kyle Walker. Cancelo’s secondary position would be at RB while Walker’s would be at CB. Previously, switching a LB to RB and a RB to CB were two position changes that were impossible to execute in Ultimate Team.

FUT Moments FIFA 23

FIFA 23 FUT Moments

FUT Moments is a new Ultimate Team game mode that will give players an extra objective to work towards in FIFA 23. Players will be able to complete a series of short scenarios based on real-life players, teams, and matches of the past.

You’ll be asked to score a specific type of game-winning goal or complete a certain number of passes within a time limit. These single-player challenges are meant to be a separate offering from what Ultimate Team fans are used to.

There will also be rewards attached to completing FUT Moments challenges. Ultimate Team players will use stars earned from completing FUT Moments challenges as the currency to redeem rewards.

World Cup Ultimate Team content in FIFA 23

During their Ultimate Team reveal, EA were purposely coy when discussing World Cup features. EA confirmed that “we’re going to have the World Cup in FUT this year.” However, aside from that brief statement, they did not reveal any details.

In 2018, a special World Cup Ultimate Team add-on made its way to the game where players could build new squads from scratch using World Cup cards.

We’ll have to wait and see what EA have planned for the Qatar World Cup in 2022, but given that this tournament will take place in the winter, players won’t have to wait long after release to check out this new content.

For more FIFA 23 news, check out all of the new leagues, teams, & stadiums coming to FIFA 23.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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FIFA 23 Chemistry explained: FUT position changes & more

FIFA 23 Chemistry has been revamped to give players more options when building their Ultimate Team, including position changes.



Mbappe shooting in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Chemistry has been overhauled in a major way, fundamentally changing how FUT fans build their Ultimate Team. Here’s everything you need to know about Chemistry in FIFA 23, from the new position changes to how it impacts player stats.

The release of FIFA 23 is edging ever closer, and football fans are chomping at the bit to see what EA has up its sleeve. As this is the last game in the series before it’s rebranded as EA Sports FC, expectations are higher than ever.

On the pitch, HyperMotion 2 is set to make the gameplay feel smoother than ever before and Career Mode is also being revamped, but FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will no doubt be the major talking point once again.

Chemistry has always been a core part of the FUT experience, as it affects which stars can slot into the same team and work together in harmony. In FIFA 23, Chemsitry has been totally reworked, and we’ve broken down all the changes you need to know about.

FIFA 23 Chemistry explained

FIFA 23 does away with the Chemistry system we’ve seen for more than a decade, replacing it with a more forgiving approach that makes building teams more flexible. Players no longer receive links from the teammates next to them in the formation but from any of the starting 11 who share a league, nation, or club with them.

For example, in previous years, the goalkeeper could only link to the center-backs, so you had to make sure you picked your defenders with Chemistry in mind. In FIFA 23, having a goalkeeper and striker from the same nation will boost both of their respective Chemistry ratings.

A player and team’s Chemistry stats are shown by a star rating out of three. Having more players who share attributes boosts their individual ratings, which in turn increases the Chemistry of the entire squad.

FUT Heroes and Icons still provide massive advantages when it comes to squad building, as they count as two players from their league and nation respectively.

FIFA 23 Manchester City players celebrating

FIFA 23 position changes

Another key factor in earning Chemistry boosts in FIFA 23 is ensuring your stars are playing in the correct position. FUT managers will once again have the option to change a player’s position, but this has also been revamped in this year’s Ultimate Team.

Along with the position listed on their card, players will now be given secondary positions based on roles they’ve taken up in real life. For example, Kylian Mbappe, who starts as a striker, may have a secondary position on the left wing.

These different roles can be unlocked with a position change modifier, which are found in packs or bought from the Ultimate Team Transfer Market.

Some may even have multiple different options, but using this item lets you pick the second position that suits your needs, rather than having to apply multiple consumables to move them up and down the pitch.

Does Chemistry matter in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Chemistry does offer stat boosts to players with higher a star rating, depending on many how many of the starting 11 share a league or nation. However, there is no longer any penalty for having a player on zero Chemistry.

In the past, anyone with a low rating would see their in-game stats decrease, forcing FUT fans to plan their teams more carefully. However, in FIFA 23, even a player with no links and starting in the wrong position will still keep the stats listed on their cards at least.

The idea is to make FIFA 23 Ultimate Team more forgiving when it comes to crafting squads and to allow fans to try out new players without worrying about changing the rest of their team.

For more on FIFA 23, be sure to check out everything new in Pro Clubs and the five players we think need a rating upgrade.

Image credits: EA Sports

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