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Call of Duty: Warzone

Rebirth Island Event live in Call of Duty: Warzone

The ‘Rebirth Island Event’ is now live in Warzone, with challenges to complete and cosmetics to earn by early January.



With the launch of the new Warzone map, Rebirth Island, comes the Rebirth Island Event, with challenges to complete and free in-game items to earn.

Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1 has now started, which has brought a new Warzone map, Battle Pass, and Cold War’s weapons to Warzone.

Rebirth Island was first teased in the roadmap for Cold War Season 1, followed by much speculation and several leaks. Now, it’s finally here, along with brand new Warzone game mode ‘Resurgence.’

As many predicted, Rebirth Island is a remodel of Black Ops 4: Blackout’s Alcatraz Island. It’s a small Warzone map separate from Verdansk and currently only holds around 40 players.

Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island

A new game mode, Resurgence, comes with it. This game mode is built around fast-place battle royale action, whereas long as a squad member is still alive, you can keep respawning.

The Gulag has also been removed, so your teammate must survive a countdown to bring you back into the action. This game mode comes with its own Seasonal Event.

Rebirth Island Event

From December 16 until January 4, the Rebirth Island Event is live in Call of Duty: Warzone. Similar to October’s The Haunting of Verdansk, there are challenges to complete with cosmetic rewards to earn.

Rebirth Island Event in Call of Duty Warzone

Complete all 16 challenges to earn “Calling Cards, Charms, Emblems, Stickers, the ‘Noxious’ LMG Blueprint, and more.” Treyarch has also teased there will be additional secrets to discover on Rebirth Island as the Season progresses.

The challenges are simple but could be time-consuming. Also, unlike the Haunting of Verdansk event, they must be completed in the new game mode.

Hazardous Krig 6 award for Warzone Rebirth Island Event

Some are easy, such as ‘Complete any 30 contracts on Rebirth Island,’ and ‘open 100 crates.’ Others can be quite tricky, like getting three kills or assists from inside a vehicle. The new helicopter with a minigun strapped to the side may help with this, however.

After completing all 16 challenges, you’ll earn the ‘Hazardous’ Blueprint for Black Ops Cold War’s Krig 6 Assault Rifle. This is toxic gas-themed, which perfectly fits Rebirth Island’s origin as a chemical weapon development facility.

Be sure to complete all of the challenges over the festive period to unlock the free items.

Credit & Image Credits: Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone devs preview Season 3 changes: Roze Skin update, FFAR & Sykov nerf, and more

Big changes previewed for Warzone Season 3 including FFAR & Sykov nerfs.



Roze Skin - COD: Warzone

Raven Software has dropped a preview of some changes coming to Call of Duty: Warzone with the Season 3 update.

The studio responded to a big Twitter thread by YouTuber CourageJD. Courage dropped a list of major changes he wants to see to bring Warzone back to a better place, especially with a lot of the fan complaints.

Raven Software replied to CourageJD’s thread with a preview of some of the changes the studio is making to Call of Duty: Warzone soon, including many coming with Season 3 update on April 22.

Warzone Season 3 Updates

  • An adjustment to Roze
  • A significant balance pass to weapons such as the Tac Rifle Charlie, M16, FFAR 1, and Sykov
  • Fix for MW weapon perks + sniper glint
  • Change to how you acquire the RC-XD

Many of the changes listed above are some of the big complaints players have had over the last few months in Warzone. Roze skin having almost an invisibility look in the dark has been big for players, and Raven has finally acknowledged that.

The latest weapon addition for Warzone, the Sykov Pistol from the Modern Warfare universe, was added on April 15 and instantly became overpowered. Raven now confirms a nerf is coming for it.

The studio also told Courage that they want to “reassure” fans that all feedback is being read around Warzone.

More Surprises To Come

Raven has promised in another tweet that there are more “surprises” in store for Season 3 that will be announced with the update.

Other changes expected for Season 3 is a revamp of Verdansk map, which will see the map be transported and rebuilt for the 1980s Black Ops Cold War era.

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone is set to being on April 22, with an initial event teased for April 21 starting at 12PM PT. Exact launch times for the new content will be announced soon.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Game-breaking Warzone glitch is turning players invincible

A new game-breaking glitch is turning Warzone players invincible, where not even a Finishing Move can take them down.



Warzone invincible player

A “God Mode” glitch has been plaguing Warzone since the April 15 update, which seemingly causing random players to become invincible.

Warzone players have long been taking advantage of exploits to become invisible, as well as hide in rooftops and walls around Verdansk. A new glitch that has cropped up after the April 15 update is now turning players invincible.

Although the over-powered new Sykov Pistol and the Radiation Zones turning players into Zombies has been what’s on Warzone players’ minds, a game-breaking new glitch has been ruining matches in the background.

It appears that this bizarre new bug is turning Warzone players invincible.

Reddit user SCAR020 shared footage of them fighting an invincible player. No matter how many bullets, rockets, or grenades SCAR020’s squad hit them with, they seemingly take no damage.

Rather than the bullets not connecting, the hit markers still appear but the enemy is otherwise unaffected. To top it off, the invincible player even survives an execution.

SCAR020 isn’t alone in encountering this bug, as the CODWarzone subreddit has seen several players reporting the same issue. Reddit user gremah93 also shared a similar clip in which they get infinite hit markers on the opponent, and even perform a Finishing Move, to no effect.

It’s unknown if this bug is caused by a purposeful exploit like the Loadout Drop invincibility or helicopter invisibility, or it’s randomly happening to innocent players.

Some users have suggested the issue is caused by lag, but these invincible players consistently surviving Finishing Moves have led the community to believe otherwise.

Raven Software are yet to acknowledge the issue, but they were quick to disable the helicopters and patch the latest Stim Glitch, so if this bug continues to plague Warzone, it’s likely to be quickly addressed.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Nuclear radiation spreading across Warzone Verdansk as Season 3 approaches

The end of the current Verdansk is approaching as nuclear radiation is spreading across the map.



The end of the current Verdansk in Warzone as we know it near. Nova 6 gas has started to spread across the map.

Following the playlist update on April 15 and April 16, Raven Software has started what appears to be the end of the current Verdansk map.

Three zones, which were the first two to get Zombies, now have a Red Nuclear Symbol over them on the mini map and cannot be fully accessed.

These three locations are Ship Wreck, Prison, and as of April 16, Hospital. We expect the radiation to continue to expand as we get closer to the start of Season 3 of Warzone.

Here’s what the radiation zone looks like on the mini map, as of April 16.

When players attempt to go to these areas, there’s a green radiation all over. As you enter the area, your player instantly takes damage until you die. The only way to prevent the radiation from hurting you is with a Gas mask, but those also run out pretty quickly.

Here’s a video of the location and it in action.

Players who are in Solo modes will die to the radiation and be sent to the Gulag. For players in duos, trios, or quads, upon dying to the radiation, you will actually become a Zombie. JackFrags video here showcases it:

We are expecting this to expand to more locations in Verdansk, probably lined up with where Zombies have headed since the start of Season 2. That would mean Hospital, Finance District, Super Store, and Dam amongst the locations.

The Nuke Event for Call of Duty: Warzone is set to begin April 21 at 12PM Pacific Time.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Call of Duty: Warzone.

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