Infinity Ward’s Jacob Minkoff and Taylor Kurosaki sat down with PlayStation for a live stream and revealed some new interesting details about the game’s campaign mode.

  • Stays within our solar system, fighting against humans. There are no aliens.
  • Seamless experience has been a big innovation in this year’s title; allows players to transition from a zero gravity environment to on the ground mission with few to no loading screens.
  • Infinity Ward has done a lot of work to make sure the title still feels like a Call of Duty game.
  • “That’s our primary goal…to make a believable, war story.”
  • They are not announcing the year the game takes place in yet.
  • Campaign is one player only, no co-op 
  • Not all missions involve zero gravity environments; there are missions on the ground in space stations, Earth, asteroids, and more.
  • He talked about the M4 and M16 weapons possibly returning; focus on ballistic weaponry.
  • Game features new equipment; trophy system returning, works as a defense mechanism for ships too.
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a new sub brand for Call of Duty; completely different story and setting than Call of Duty: Ghosts. New cast, characters, and more.
  • Players will play as Lt. Reyes in the campaign; he becomes a Captain as the game goes on. Being a leader, Reyes makes decisions that previous Call of Duty title protagonists didn’t.
  • Although there are side missions in the game, everyone will experience the same story arc for the game. Side missions won’t change the story line.

Watch a replay of the stream from earlier here:

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