Infinity Ward hosted a live stream on November 18 to talk about upcoming updates for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer.

Here’s a recap of what they discussed:

  • Updates to the Volk — live now in game
  • Key Earn Rate to increase for players
  • PC Patch update was not intentionally delayed, was pushed back due to issue. It’s live now.
  • “Something cool” is coming for PC players
  • Playlist Updates:
    • They want to rotate modes in and out, Infected is back with new update.
    • Hardcore FFA and Hardcore Kill Confirmed also live
  • Next weekend — new mode coming into Infinite Warfare —  “People who love more classic Call of Duty are really going to enjoy it.”
  • Leaderboards are coming soon, no ETA yet. “Want to make sure they’re right before coming.”
  • In upcoming update, Advanced UAV will see through Ghost Perk.
  • Fix for Combat Rig Unlock Tokens are coming.
  • Next big update for Infinite Warfare is coming early December.
  • There will be Nukes coming to more weapons: Type 2 will get a Nuke weapon perk soon. Cannot talk too much about what weapons and stuff are coming.
  • Fix for Hardpoint spawns in general, pushing spawns further from hills in some areas to avoid split spawns. Coming in update very soon.
  • esports:
    • Hardpoint Spawns update: adjusting Precinct start spawns
    • Start Spawns and goals for Precinct for Uplink; updating reset range over roofs; “Making it more friendly for players”
    • Payloads:
      • When using Cloak: plant/defuse bomb, carrying flag, drone, it will drain 2x faster.
      • When using Bull Charge, you drain 2x faster when carrying flag
      • No more Rewind exploits; if you use it while carrying flags, you will drop the flag
    • Energy/Hybrid Weapons: Removed ricochet from any weapons in esports rule set; removed multi-functionality from hybrid weapons.
    • Weapon Draft system: “both teams are choosing at the same time”; each player choses a weapon, cannot chose same weapon as teammate.
    • Secondary Weapons are not part of Weapon Draft; open to all players.
    • Bomb Sites: B in Precinct to be moved; B in Scorch to be moved; One bomb site moved to bridge on Retaliation; Both bomb sites on Breakout to be moved; A bomb site on Frost to be moved; A site to be adjusted, B site to be moved on Throwback
    • CODCaster improvements, updates, and more coming

Watch the replay of the stream here:

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