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Treyarch talked a lot about the new Battle Royale mode, Blackout, in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in a studio live streaming featuring Vonderhaar and Dan Bunting.

Here’s a recap of the information shared by Treyarch on Blackout from their developer stream and from their new Field Manual:

  • When you start up a match, you wingsuit into a pre-game lobby called the Drop Zone. At the Drop Zone, it’s an area for players to get familiar with all of the weapons, vehicles, and items from Blackout. Once there’s enough players in the lobby, the countdown timer for the match will begin.
  • Once the game starts, a squad of helicopters will be the transportation method. When you’re ready to deploy, you jump out with a wingsuit equipped. The HUD will show how to navigate the wingsuit, where it allows you to soar down, level off, and move around. Once you reach a certain height, your parachute will auto deploy.
  • Wingsuit will stay on your character the entire match. You can base jump any time by sprinting and then pressing and holding the jump button.
  • You have a total of 5 inventory slots. These items can be equipped without affecting the 5 slots:
    • 2 Weapons
    • 1 Health Item
    • 1 Armor Item
    • 1 Backpack
    • Equipment Item
    • About 200 of each Ammo type.
  • You cannot have additional weapons or health in your inventory, just armor and equipment.
  • Back pack is one of the storage items that expands your inventory from 5 to 10 slots. There will be more storage items coming to Blackout post launch.
  • There’s two menus to manage your inventory:
    • Inventory Menu – “Allows you to manage everything you have. You can consume Perks, drop Items for teammates, equip Attachments, and more.”
    • Quick Inventory¬†Menu “will appear the first time you have something that you can Interact with in your Inventory.”
  • Items in the world can be equipped immediately without having to access the inventory.
  • Attachments can be found across the map. Attachments will work on certain guns only, and some attachments cannot be equipped on certain weapons.
  • Each weapon type in Blackout has its own ammo type. The Inventory Menu will tell you have much of each ammo you have.
  • There are 3 levels of Armor in Blackout. You can only carry 1 armor piece at a time.
  • There is lethal and tactical grenade equipments that can be found across the map.
  • Specialist based equipment are also on the map, but harder to find. Any player can use specialist equipment.
  • There are special items like the Recon Car — this is the RC-XD but it does not explode. You can use the car to search around and find enemies.
  • The map features Supply Stashes at random locations. Supply Drops are brought in by cargo planes.
  • The map is now actually 2,500 times the size of Nuketown.
  • There is a classic World at War weapon in Blackout
  • There is one Black Ops 3 MP map located near Rivertown that fans have not identified yet.
  • Stronghold map name mentioned during stream
  • Vahn stated they are going to try different player counts in the beta, like 3 players on the team or even 5 players on a team.
  • Vehicles have unlimited fuel. Each vehicle has different health values.

SOURCE: Treyarch / Stream



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