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In this post, we are recapping all of the different information that Sledgehammer Games revealed about Call of Duty: WWII during their Reddit AMA on r/WWII.

  • Supply Drops confirmed, plan is for weapon variants/gear to all be cosmetic. No info about how DLC weapons will work. 
  • Ranked Play and Game Battles are “important” to their feature set. More esports info coming later this summer
  • SHG will be at Comic-Con. Details on what they will be showing will be announced later.
  • Zombies info is ‘coming sooner than you may think.’
  • No Nintendo Switch version.
  • The team at SHG is very dedicated to MLG/esports.
  • There’s no Clan Wars support in WWII
  • With War, HQ, and all of MP, “this is the largest amount of content we’ve created for MP at launch.”
  • Campaign is 1 player only, not co-op.
  • Scorestreak progress will reset on death. There is a basic training perk that will allow it to continue, but scorestreak will then require additional points to earn in match.
  • Details on PC version are coming soon
  • Game server tick rate is 60Hz
  • MP maps will be featured in ‘variety of different locations.’ Specific details coming later.
  • Focus is on having historical gear/uniforms for characters at launch

SOURCE(s): r/WWII, u/SHG_Hammer, u/MCondrey

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