Tweeted from @CallofDuty to @Xbox during the conference:

You are U.S. Marine Pvt. Jack Mitchell, joined by Pvt. Will Irons & Sgt. Cormack as you drop into Seoul.

Atlas drop pods are standard issue for breaching future warzones.

Mitchell’s assault rifle 3D-prints its own bullets. Introducing the IMR – Integrated Munitions Rifle.

Notice the ammo & grenade counters? Your exoskeleton uses Augmented Reality to display tactical info.

Get the high ground. The Boost Jump exoskeleton ability turns an abandoned bus into a tactical advantage.

“Threat” is one of your Variable Grenade modes: Identify nearby targets behind cover and prepare to engage.

Want unlimited ammo? Manage your directed energy weapon’s battery usage to prevent overheating.


Watch gameplay from the “Induction” campaign level, which follows a group of US Marines as they drop into the battle lines of Seoul, South Korea.

Power Changes Everything on November 4th, 2014.

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