On Christmas Eve, Activision Blizzard Esports announced that, after listening to feedback from team owners, players, and community, they would be changing the format of the Call of Duty League to a tournament based structure that is familar to the legacy of Call of Duty esports.

The announcement revealed that they were going to implement the tournament based structure and more details would come in early 2020.


We at Call of Duty League are incredibly excited to announce the addition of tournament-based play as part of the inaugural 2020 season. Beginning Week 2 in London, teams will compete in a format that is both familiar to the legacy of Call of Duty esports and fresh amidst the backdrop of our city-based franchise structure. This format, coupled with a brand new points system that goes into effect on Launch Weekend, will deliver a competitive experience where every match of the season matters. The result: fans will get to see more matches, more drama, and more teams competing each home series weekend.

Now, Adam Stern of Sports Business Journal has reported that sources tell him the 2020 Call of Duty League season will see fewer home stead events than originally announced by the company. This is because of the change in format and because some teams were overwhelmed with hosting CDL and OWL events.


Activision Blizzard has removed the Events tab from the Call of Duty League website, which showcased a schedule of events for the year. That is now removed.

We will update if Activision Blizzard says any updates on this.


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