PC player @ConverysStuff has been data mining the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC files following the latest update that launched earlier this week, and they’ve found new info on unreleased multiplayer maps, new gear sets, and a new Supply Credit feature, which may be coming soon to Advanced Warfare.


  • Fracture – An arctic excavation site cradled on the shelf of a glacier. Flood lights, wind turbines, and solar panels separate large combat areas to offer several options from mid to long range engagements.
  • Overload – A lavish ceremony with a grand view of downtown New Baghdad. Long perimeter sight lines and decorative plasma lames contribute to a tactical and electrifying atmosphere.
  • Pandemic – Located on Liberty Island and during the middle of an urban outbreak, the premises of the private animal testing facility offers the perfect blend of gameplay for all types of weapons and player styles.
  • Swarm – Reconstruction is underway in Seoul, South Korea. Long sightlines along the streets with tight interiors cutting through the middle make for fast combat in this urban jungle.


The leak has also revealed a new feature called Supply Credits. This is a feature that allows players to redeem their loot for credits instead of XP. The credits then can be used to get Advanced Supply Drops or some weekly item. It’s not clear exactly the full functionality of this feature.


A few new gear sets and Legendary Loot has also been leaked. Full info in the gallery below.

The entire gallery below shows off all of the new items that have been leaked.

Redacted Technical Alpha

SOURCE: @ConverysStuff via CoDAW Reddit

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