UPDATE – December 10 at 5:34PM ET: MLG has received the all clear to continue the event.

UPDATE – December 10: The CWL Dallas venue is being evacuated once again on Championship Sunday due to another possible bomb threat.

UPDATE: Dallas Police Department stated that the bomb threat was a hoax, but they did need to fully clear out the building to ensure full safety. CWL Dallas event resumes on December 9.

The first CWL event of the year kicked off today in Dallas, but the event met an abrupt stop earlier this afternoon after a fire alarm went off in the building.

There were many different stories as to what is happening, but a local news outlet, WFAA, in Dallas says that the event was evacuated after a security guard called in a possible bomb threat.

MLG confirmed in a Tweet the venue was in fact evacuated but further details were not stated. It’s not clear when the bet will resume again.

Stay tuned.

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