A report from a video from The Gaming Revolution has claimed that remastered versions of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign was developed because of the agreement between Sony and Activision.

Per the video, Sony even funded the development of Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, which is why the game is releasing 30 days early on PS4.


The video, which also notes that Activision’s contract with Sony also includes Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Remastered as part of it. Activision has yet to officially announced a Modern Warfare 3 remastered, but the game will not have a MP remaster, similar to MW2 if it does release.

The information lines up with what CharlieIntel has heard about the Sony and Activision agreement. The agreement between Sony and Activision started in 2015 and has continued since, with marketing rights, esports rights, and more all in Sony’s side.


Activision announced and released Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered on March 31, 2020 first on PS4, with release on Xbox One and PC to come on April 30.

Per what we’ve heard, MW2 Campaign Remastered was ready for release since 2018.


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