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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Report: Upcoming Call of Duty title to feature stunts performed by Stuntwoman Cecilia Johnson



In an interview with Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor Shawn Ryan, Shawn describes his encounter with Stuntwoman Cecilia Johnson. Cecilia was reportedly training in close quarters combat for a part in a Call of Duty game.

At the time of writing, Cecilia Johnson has yet to feature any stunts in a released Call of Duty title. Given the time-frame of these events, it is likely that Cecilia have a part of Call of Duty’s 2019 released.

I went down to Taran Tactical Innovations to just make some YouTube content and wound up training this girl — Cecilia Johnson I believe her name is.

She was trying out for a Call of Duty game for some stunts and I trained her with CQB. Turns out I got about an hour with her, she goes back, and I believe she actually got the part. The stunt director asked her where the hell she learned it; everybody was happy, they’d never seen a room entry go that smoothly.

Activision President Rob Kostich stated during the company’s quarter call that this year’s new Call of Duty game, developed by Infinity Ward, will have a campaign.

It’s going to feature an entirely new campaign, a huge and expansive multiplayer world, and of course some fun co-op gameplay.

A look at the Stuntwoman’s Instagram shows that she was most recently in training as of October 2018, though it cannot be confirmed whether this was the aforementioned training session or location.

SOURCE: Reddit