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Resident Evil Village showcase round-up: Demo, trailer, gameplay, Resident Evil 4 VR

The Resident Evil showcase showed off new details including: a Village demo, new gameplay, trailers, Resident Evil 4 VR, and more.



resident evil 8 village lady dimitrescu

Survival-horror fans should be excited as the fascinating Resident Evil Showcase Event revealed new Resident Evil Village gameplay, a new demo, Mercenaries Mode footage, and announced Resident Evil 4 VR.

Fans don’t need to wait much longer until they can get their hand on Resident Evil Village, the eighth major installment in the long-running franchise. A full showcase Event dedicated to the series celebrated its 25th anniversary by giving eager gamers a peek at new Resident Evil happenings.

Resident Evil 8 got a new look thanks to lots of new footage and details. Plus, there was a pleasant surprise when it was announced that the legendary title Resident Evil 4 would be getting a full version captured in authentic VR.

resi 8 village statue

Resident Evil Village new story & gameplay trailer

So many questions have been asked ahead of the game’s much-anticipated release regarding Chris Redfield’s allegiance, Mia and Ethan’s fate, and the Dimitrescus – particularly Lady Dimitrescu.

The 3-minute story and gameplay trailer offers a horrifying glimpse into what players can expect when they dive into this dark and depraved world.

Here is the new trailer for Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil 4 VR announcement

One of the more shocking moments during the presentation was the reveal that Resident Evil 4’s adventure starring Leon Kennedy would be playable again – this time in VR. It gives credence to the rumor that Resident Evil 9 & a Resident Evil 4 remake were both secretly in development at Capcom.

Virtual Reality did wonders for Resident Evil 7, and it will be so interesting to see how much this genre-defining game will change with the use of VR.

Here’s the official announcement video.

Also, see where we placed Resident Evil 4 in our ranking of the main Resident Evil games from worst to best.

Resident Evil Village new demo

After Resident Evil 8’s proper unveiling, the game received an exclusive Maiden demo for PS5 owners to enjoy. It gave a brief glimpse into what players had to look forward to, or dread, in the future.

Now, a new demo has been released for fans to enjoy on multiple platforms. The trailer only reveals the dates for the PlayStation’s availability.

Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode

There was even extended footage of one of the series’ most popular modes with Mercenaries making a welcome return to Resident Evil 8. Mercenaries focuses on quick-time thinking and blasting as players aim to complete different objectives in a limited amount of time.

Here is the Mercenaries Mode trailer in full.

We can probably still expect some more details to be announced between now and the game’s release date.

Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for the all the latest news and details on Resident Evil Village.

Image credits: Capcom

Apex Legends

How to do Valkyrie’s portal trap in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Apex Legends’ Valkyrie has more to her play than expected, as players find an alternative use for her ultimate in the form of a trap.



apex legends valkyrie portal trap

Apex Legends players have found an extremely amusing trap with new Legend Valkyrie in Season 9: Legacy.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy has seen a lot of new content come to the game. Most notably, Arenas and Valkyrie, who players are still learning the extent to which you can utilize her abilities.

It seems some players have taken it upon themselves to find out if you can combine Valkyrie’s ultimate ability, Skyward Drive, with some of the other Legends.

Apex Legends Valkyrie portal trap

Players have found that they can combine Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive, which is essentially a portable redeploy balloon, along with other Legend’s abilities to maximize potential.

One great example of this is Valkyrie and Revenant. We’re sure you’ve heard of Revenant and Octane combining their ultimate abilities to essentially push a team and third-party fights without worrying about positioning or elimination.

This was considered very powerful in Season 8, as teams would use Revenants Death Totem and Octane’s Launch Pad to traverse huge distances and save time while in shadow form.

However, soon after Valkyrie’s launch, players found they could perform a similar routine with the Skyward Dive instead of the Launch Pad, which effectively took the team in shadow form across huge distances.

Apex Legends Valkyrie portal trap

Apex Legends Valkyrie portal trap

One combination some players found success with is Wraith, combining her Dimensional Rift/Portal ultimate with Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive to trap unsuspecting enemies.

The trap is simple:

  • Activate Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive
  • Wait for Wraith to activate Dimensional Rift and join the Dive
  • Valkyrie will then launch and fly over a hazardous part of the map
  • While over this part of the map, Wraith will end her portal leaving anyone who takes it doomed

Although this trap is best for Olympus due to the many gaps and holes in the floating city, this can also be done off the side of any map or even into the lava in World’s Edge.

There is so much potential with this trap, as you can also pull it off without dropping enemies off the map.

Say you have a Wattson, Caustic, or Rampart set up, and you place a portal directly above where these characters have placed traps. Unsuspecting enemies will take the portal and land in a very stick situation.

That’s all for this cool Valkyrie and Wraith portal trap. For more on Apex Legends, keep it locked on Charlie INTEL, and check out our article on the average K/D ratio for Apex Legends.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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How to obtain Hung Jury Legendary in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer

One of Destiny’s original weapons has returned in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer, and here’s how to get the Legendary Hung Jury Scout Rifle.



Destiny 2 season of the splicer hung jury

Following the recent trend of unvaulting older content for Destiny 2, the Hung Jury Legendary Scout Rifle is the latest weapon that Bungie has brought back. Find out how you can own your own version of this dominating gun in Season of the Splicer.

Destiny 2 has provided long-time fans with a nice nostalgia trip by bringing back various elements of yesteryear. In Beyond Light alone, we’ve seen the re-emergence of the Hawkmoon Exotic Handcannon, and in Season of the Splicer, Guardians will get to venture inside the Vault of Glass again.

In addition to this, Bungie has also brought back the Legendary Hung Jury Scout Rifle, and our complete guide will assist you in your quest to add it to your collection in Destiny 2.

Hung Jury Legendary Scout Rifle in Season of the Splicer

hung jury scout rifle destiny 2

As far as we know, like some other Destiny weapons, you can only obtain the Hung Jury Scout Rifle via a random drop.

It seems to be completely up to the RNG gods, and we’ll explain your best chances of landing one.

Play Nightfall: The Ordeal to drop Hung Jury

As with anything else in Destiny 2, the game will reward players who are taking on the best that the game has to offer. If you want to increase the likelihood of securing a rare Hung Jury drop, then you’ve got to be playing under difficult circumstances.

The Nightfall: The Ordeal strike is the perfect way to do that thanks to its myriad of Champions and other high-level, tougher enemies that you can modify.

destiny 2 nightfall the ordeal

You’ll need to set the conditions to be brutal, survive, and hope that your final reward chest contains a Hung Jury Legendary Scout Rifle drop. If not, it’s a case of rinse and repeat until you manage to land one.

Also, replaying Nightfall is a great way to level up and reach Season of the Splicer’s Max Power Cap Level.

Image Credit: Bungie

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How to complete Override in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer

Here’s a complete guide on how you can play and finish Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer’s brand new activity, Override: Europa.



Destiny 2 season of the splicer override

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer has added plenty of new content for Guardians to sink their teeth into, including the new Override activity, so here’s how to complete it and defeat the Vex boss.

The latest Season of Bungie’s free-to-play action MMO, Destiny 2, is here and brings a ton of content to explore. Not only has the classic Vault of Glass Raid returned, but there are also new exotic weapons to do battle with, and a fresh Battle Pass to grind out.

Alongside this new content comes a new mode, Override, in which six Guardians are tasked with infiltrating the Vex network and bringing it down. The new mode can be quite tough, so here’s everything you need to know about the first Override activity – Europa.

How to compete Override: Europa in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer

Destiny 2 override europa

Override: Europa will require six-person teams, so you can either queue in with other players or take your full squad in with you. The recommended power level is 1300, so you’ll need to put in some work to get there, but once you have, it’s time to get stuck into Destiny 2’s new activity.

Launch Override: Europa

To begin Europa, you’ll need to head to the left-hand side of the H.E.L.M area. From this location, you can launch Override as many times as you like. It’s also worth repeating, as it comes with its own set of Weekly Challenges.

Kill Vex and deposit Data Motes

Destiny 2 data modes

Once you’ve loaded into Europa, you’ll need to Splice the Vex Terminal, which the game will guide you to. After that, you have three minutes to take down as many Vex as you can and pick up the dropped Data Motes.

Once the doorway into the network opens up, head on through and take out the Champion for a big pile of Motes that will fill up a large chunk of the progress bar. Once enough Data Motes have been deposited, this objective will be complete.

Override the Terminal

Once the terminal has been overloaded with Data Motes, you’ll need to hack the terminal. Glowing cubes will appear around the terminal, so destroy them and platforms will appear. Climb on these platforms to hack the terminal.

You’ll need to compete the above steps three times.

Defeat the Subjugated Mind Vex boss

Destiny 2 override europa vex boss

Once you’ve successfully overridden the Terminal three times, you’ll be tasked with taking down the Subjugated Mind Vex boss. On the way to him, you’ll need to do some platforming, dodging lasers in a Tron-like area.

Once you’ve navigated through this area, you’ll reach the Subjugated Mind boss. With a massive hitbox, he’s relatively simple to take out but make sure to keep your distance and be mindful of the additional enemies, or “Adds.”

For every third of his health you take away, he’ll become immune to damage. To fix this, destroy the floating cubes, as they provide him with his shield. You can also pick up a Data Spike dropped by the Scytale Add and deposit it in a terminal to further weaken the Subjugated Mind.

Once he’s defeated, you’ve completed Override: Europa! If you’ve powered up your Splicer Gauntlet, you’ll be able to open a special chest for a reward.

If you’re looking to Transmog in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer, you can also check out our Armor Synthesis guide.

Image Credit: Bungie / Esoterickk on YouTube

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