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The Resistance Community Event is now live in Call of Duty: WWII on PS4, Xbox One, and PC after the latest patch update (version 1.09) for the game.

The event features new Resistance Division, new featured game modes, new weapons, 2XP events, The Resistance Gear, and more!

The Resistance Division:

The Resistance Division is available now for free for all players. With the Resistance Division, players will be able to equip a Pistol Tactical knife combo. In addition, abilities include scrambling enemy mini-maps nearby, bonus pistol attachment, and a mini-map indicator in the direction of nearby hostiles. There is also a new pistol, the 9mm SAP Pistol.

The Resistance Division level unlocks:

  1. Pistol Tactical Knife
  2. Scramble nearby enemy mini-maps
  3. Additional Pistol Attachment
  4. Mini-map indicator in the direction of close hostiles

Featured Playlists:

SHG will also be adding Demolition playlist and Prop Hunt to Call of Duty: WWII. Prop Hunt debuted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and is now making its way to Call of Duty: WWII. The modes will be available during certain weeks of The Resistance event.

The Featured Mode schedule:

  • Week 1: Jan 23 – Jan 29: Prop Hunt w/ 2XP
  • Week 2: Jan 30 – Feb 5: No Featured Playlist
  • Week 3: Feb 6 – Feb 12: Demolition 24/7
  • Week 4: Feb 13 – Feb 19: Gun Game with (2XP, 2X Weapon XP, 2X Division XP)
  • Week 5: Feb 20 – Feb 27: Prop Hunt w/ 2XP & Bomb Mosh Pit (Demolition and S&D) w/ 2XP

Alongside this, Captain Butcher will return as the Quartermaster with all new The Resistance themed items. There are new weapons in this update. Similar to Winter Siege event, the weapons can be unlocked through Special Orders that will be available from Major Howard during the event. In addition, the weapons will have their own Collections during the event, so players can unlock the weapon via Collection Rewards.

New weapons include:

  • Volkssturmgewehr- AR
  • Orso – SMG
  • Combat Knife – Melee Weapon
  • 9mm SAP – Pistol

Players will also receive one free Supply Drop every week as part of the Resistance Event. This event brings a new Resistance themed Supply Drop. Players can visit the Mail Station each week to collect their free supply drop. Players will also be able to, optionally, purchase Resistance Supply Drops from the Quartermaster during the event

Event schedule:


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