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This could be a fan made website as we’ve seen in the past or this could be the real deal. If real, then on February 20th we may be getting some kind of reveal to Respawn Entertainment’s first game as a new studio after the Infinity Ward split-up.

Looking at the Whois for the website we found out some info about who the site is hosted by and where. The server it’s running from is based in “Scottsdale, Arizona” and was created on: 16-Nov-2011 and is hosted by


So is this a site made by a marketing firm since Respawn Entertainment is based in Sherman Oaks, California? Respawn have been teasing their unknown game with blurred images and even some images from inside a mocap studio which could mean they are ready for a small reveal now and a big one at E3 this June.

To check out the website just click HERE. As more info comes out about this site or if it turns out to be fake follow us to stay up to date on everything.


SOURCE: preparetorespawn Via @rekyle85

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