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Retired Lt. Colonel Hank Keirsey talks about his role as military advisor on Call of Duty



Retired Lt. Colonel Hank Keirsey spoke to a gaming website called Stevivor at E3 where he talked about his role as military advisor on Call of Duty. Colonel Keirsey joined the Infinity Ward team first in 2003, where he gave his advice on the first Call of Duty game.

Keirsey helped them understand what really happens in war situations:

“Well, I’m the one guy who’s actually been on the ground,” he said. “In the various parts of their development process, they [Infinity Ward or Treyarch] can filter their grand scheme through me. I just look and say, ‘that doesn’t look quite right,’ or ‘rock on’.”

Back in 2003, Keirsey had his work cut out for him. “In the early days, I always noticed dialogue that was sounding off, or was correcting improper radio procedures. They [Infinity Ward] would listen to cop shows and have the usual ‘copy me?’, ‘copy that.’ An ice cream truck driver would use that shit.”

“Soldiers would use ‘roger.’ ‘Over.’ ‘Out.’ ‘Wilco,’ which means ‘I will comply,’” he clarified. “These are sacred words that are used by military forces, so I – we– really wanted them to be in there correctly.”

For the first Call of Duty, the dialogue wasn’t the only issue he found when he saw that game. It was also the tactics and strategies used by soldiers. He say that the game had soldiers who just went “running in the middle of the street.”

“Oh, they [Infinity Ward] would have guys running in the middle of the street, instead of hugging the corners and crevices of houses,” he continued.

Keirsey also helps the team at Treyarch on developing their Call of Duty games. Most recently in Black Ops 2, he didn’t really understand the futuristic stuff.

“Well, I wasn’t very good at the future stuff,” he laughed. “I’d look at that stuff and ask, ‘why is that gun looking through a four foot pillar?’ and they’d say, ‘Well, we’ve taken this radiation magnet technology, and it’s advanced so far and…’, and I’d just go, ‘I don’t think so.’”

So instead, he helped with the levels that took place in the Cold War era.

“I advised more on the Afganistan level, the Nicaraguan level, the Panama level. The future stuff? Well, I was a bit in awe with those levels, I’d say.”

Keirsey is also working with Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Ghosts. He also stated that the dog is based off of the real Navy Seal dogs and do the same actions in real battles.

“The dog is modeled on an actual SEAL team dog that they brought into studio, and you can see the actual scars he’s got on his muzzle from running through barbed wire,” he said.

He went on to talk about how detailed the developers are in every situation of the game; even just a small water drip matters to the developers.

“Here’s the deal. The developers have an enormous amount of passion to get the authenticity of the weapons, the authenticity of the scenarios, the authenticity of brick and mortar structures spot on. They’ll spend hours and hours just working on it. I remember looking at an animator working on a building, and I asked what he was doing. He said, ‘look here, where the water drips? It’s producing mold on the bottom six layers of this building’s brick, and I’m making it.’ And I just asked, ‘who’s going to notice that?’

SOURCE: Stevivor


Possible PS5 version of Modern Warfare found

Call of Duty fans love Modern Warfare more than most other titles in the franchise. It seems we might be getting a next-gen remaster soon.



Call of Duty fans love Modern Warfare more than most other titles in the franchise. Thus the idea of a PS5 remaster of the title is exciting, and it seems we might be getting that sooner than we think. 

Modern Warfare is arguably the most popular title in the entire Call Of Duty franchise. For many fans, it’s what got them into the series so whenever there’s a new development announced about it, the hype is enormous.

Infinity Ward Lead Multiplayer VFX Artist Reed Shingledecker recently confirmed new Modern Warfare content soon. The recent release of Black Ops: Cold War made it seem like that would be the main thing Activision would be focusing on for a while, so this is definitely came as a big surprise.

There is mass speculation about what he was referring to and one reddit user has created hype for a potential PS5 version of Modern Warfare. Here’s everything we know about this possible leak.

Next-Gen Modern Warfare on PS5 Leak

Reddit user asjonesy99 made a post in r/GamingLeaksAndRumours which strongly hints at a next-gen version of the title coming soon. The drop-down menu displayed the PS4 version when purchasing the game, but what caught fans’ eyes was the option for a PS5 version.

When the player tried to pick this option, it became locked. This could be some sort of glitch or something that’s currently in development.

It’s hard to tell whether or not this is a legitimate hint at an upcoming PS5 version of Modern Warfare. It’s entirely likely that this could just be a simple error with the disc and this whole leak amounts to practically nothing.

Modern Warfare has become a huge staple for FPS fans so the excitement that this leak caused is completely understandable. The possibility of a next-gen Modern Warfare for a whole new group of young players is nice to think about.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor and we’ll keep checking for updates on this. That said, we hope to see a PS5 remaster of this title soon. Even if we don’t, we now know that there definitely is more Modern Warfare content on its way and that’s exciting on its own.

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Activision granted patent that allows players to share Call of Duty loadouts



Activision has been granted a patent that the team filed in 2019 in references to sharing loadouts in a multiplayer video game via online social networks. The patent was granted to Activision officially on November 17, 2020.

The inventor of the patent is: David Vonderhaar. The studio design director at Treyarch.

The patent was originally filed on September 16, 2019. It’s called “Systems and methods for customizing weapons and sharing customized weapons via social networks,” according to the US Patent Office.

The main premise of this patent is to build an engine that will allow “one or more other players of the multiplayer video game” to share their custom loadouts “via at least one social network such that the one or more other players can utilize the customized weapon configuration during a gameplay session.”

This patent details every single portion of the weapon that Call of Duty considers and tracks in implementing them into the game. It looks at “weapon performance attributes, weapon appearance attributes, weapon performance statistics, and player performance statistics.” 

The massive part of this patent is the sharing aspect, which is something that could change Call of Duty and add a new layer to the social experience of the franchise. 

As reported by PCGamer, this new patent details how players could control who can see and use their loadouts. The patent explains that loadouts can be shared. It talks about customized weapon configuration and details how they can dictate the share controls. 

“A player may further specify that he or she wishes to make a customized weapon configuration available for gameplay by one or more other players. In some implementations, a user may specify that a customized weapon configuration and/or some or all of the foregoing information be made available to all players, or a subset of players including, but not limited to, friends (or followers), or team members, or other groups of players.”

Another massive part of the patent is about how players can share the loadouts. In detail, the patent describes a new engine that goes in depth to allow players to share loadouts on social media platforms, within the game itself, and more. 

This new engine will “enable a player to share weapon configurations, information about weapon configurations, and/or gameplay statistics internally (or in-game) via, for example, an in-game social network or a game publisher-centric social network accessible in-game by game players. Additionally or alternatively [it will enable players to share] via one or more external social networks (e.g., Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, etc.). In one implementation of the invention, the sharing engine may enable a player to transmit communications (e.g., email messages, text messages, or other electronic communications) that include hyperlinks or other selectable graphical user interface objects that enable recipients to access the shared information.”

This detailed patent also allows players to include messages and/or details when sharing said loadouts. Players can include “personalized text, graphics, pictures, audio, video, or other multimedia” as part of their share experience. 

Lastly, the new patent describes how players could potentially issue challenges when sharing their loadouts, and then allow others to complete or best those challenges. 

“The sharing engine may further enable a player to issue challenges to one or more other video game players to obtain or exceed certain player performance statistics, weapon usage statistics, or ratings, and/or achieve other objectives using a given weapon configuration.”

It says there’s a “Challenge Interface” that could be built allowing players to track and advance their challenges within the game’s engine. 

This would be a significant new portion to the social experience for Call of Duty, if implemented. Do note that is a patent, and patent’s don’t always end up in products immediately or in the near future. It could take some time for players to see a real in-game experience of this feature. But it’s quite interesting to see the level to which Activision can take the social experience of Call of Duty especially with Warzone and free to play experiences. 

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How to enable two factor authentication on your Call of Duty Account

Protect your account now!



Activision has finally added an additional, much needed layer of security for your Call of Duty account.

For over a year, cross play has been the standard in Call of Duty. All of your Call of Duty purchases, rank & progression all are linked to your Activision account, or Call of Duty account. This is the account you use for crossplay and the account you’ll also be using in Black Ops Cold War to unify your rank with Warzone and Modern Warfare.

If you tend to use the same password across many accounts, or if you don’t want to risk the possibility of losing your Call of Duty account, take the following steps to protect your account.

  • 1. Go to this website to start.
  • 2. Select “Set Up Two-Factor Authentication”
  • 3. Log in to your Call of Duty account through your Activision login, or a linked PlayStation, Xbox, Steam or BattleNET account.
  • 4. Download the Google Authenticator for your phone, available on the App Store or Google Play Store. (Or use another Authentication app of your choice).
  • 5. Press the “+” icon on the top left of the Google Authenticator, and scan the QR code displayed on the page.
  • 6. Enter in the code in the Google Authenticator app to finalize the link.

After you’ve completed the process, be sure to login to your account one more time just to verify the process was correct.

Once this is done and activated, when you login to Activision or Call of Duty account, you will be asked to use the Google Authenticator passcode in addition to your regular password to login.

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