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Once again, twittering “TwoToeTimmy” has come through and written a fantastic review of Modern Warfare 3’s Content Drop #3 map “Overwatch”. In it, he goes into detail on the map’s layout, strategies, and also his opinions of the new map.

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On February 21 (March 29 on PS3), Infinity Ward dropped you on top of a New York Skyscraper and dared you not to fall off. Call of Duty released the third Content Drop OVERWATCH for Modern Warfare 3 for Xbox ELITE Premium members. The setting of a New York Skyscraper immediately brought up the resemblance to HIGHRISE from Modern Warfare 2 for many COD veterans. Ironically enough, even the description provided for the DLC would fit either map.

Battle takes place along two levels in a near symmetrical layout, with the central bridge and side routes open to attack from multiple angles. Watch your every step, as a lack of boundaries surrounding the perimeter leaves nothing to prevent you from falling far to the ground below.


Instantly you’ll notice this map is nothing like HIGHRISE. The similarities between the two stop at being really high off the ground and having a crane on each one. The closest you may come to placing this layout would be the inside area in BROADCAST from CoD4:MW, however even that is a loose connection. The map takes on a unique feeling of something we have not played before.

OVERWATCH is a circular flowing map with four open combat areas spaced outside the central cut-through section. Multiple long pathways connect each end with an open central bridge area cutting through the middle. There are essentially two floors which provide slight elevation changes and offer some different vantage points. Though medium in size, OVERWATCH plays more like a small map with the lack of open areas creating a tighter feel. Surprise confrontations await you around every corner. Along with the tight corners, there are long sight lines in high traffic areas that welcome skilled snipers and assault class fans. OVERWATCH’s balanced layouts allows for almost every style without making them feel overpowered or out of place.


OVERWATCH is well suited for the objective playlists, especially Domination. The points are well placed; A and C each accessible but not in the open. Capture point B is located in the open on the central bridge section and difficult to capture without teamwork. Each capture point is positioned so they are not easily defendable by a single player from a stationary point. Defenders will need to continually scan entry points into their area to be efficient at holding down a point. The map flows like a debris filled windy river from A to B to C with perfect spacing in-between. OVERWATCH is one of the best Domination maps on MW3 and could be one of the best in Call of Duty.


A well balanced engaging map, OVERWATCH plays openly to all gaming styles. Refreshingly unique to anything else in the series makes this map another solid addition to the Call of Duty series.

5 out of 5
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