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Rocket League

Rocket League standalone mobile game coming soon

Rocket League developers have announced ‘Sideswipe,’ a standalone version of the popular car soccer game headed to iOS and Android.



Rocket League Sideswipe logo

Rocket League is set to make its first foray into the mobile gaming market by announcing ‘Sideswipe’, a standalone mobile game launching in 2021.

While Rocket League has been extremely popular on consoles, PC, and the Nintendo Switch, Psyonix will be releasing the game for iOS and Android later in 2021.

“We’re hard at work on this free mobile game for iOS and Android that takes the core, competitive gameplay of Rocket League and reimagines it for a mobile device,” Psyonix announced on March 24.

Rocket League Sideswipe gameplay

“In Rocket League Sideswipe, players compete from a new perspective on the field in 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Games will be fast-paced, 2-minute matches that you can play with friends near or far thanks to online play. “

While top Rocket League players can take advantage of the precision a controller offers, Psyonix assures fans that Sideswipe will “feature mobile controls that are easy to pick up whether you’re a master of Rocket League or a new player still learning your way around the field.”

And for those players who are advanced at Rocket League and enjoy grinding competitive, “There are advanced mechanics, just like Rocket League.” They also confirmed car customization and a Ranked system for competitive play.

Early footage and screenshots of Sideswipe reveal it’s quite different from standard Rocket League, as it’s played side-on to suit the game’s swiping control system.

As Sideswipe is a standalone game, it’s unlikely that progress will carry over from players’ main Epic Games accounts. This will likely have its own Rocket Pass, tournaments, and mechanics that sets it apart from the main game.

Players in Australia and New Zealand will be able to join a limited-time Regional Alpha test on Android, but Psyonix will reveal more information about betas in other regions in the coming months.

Developers will be releasing more information on the new handheld version of Rocket League, so we’ll be sure to share all developments with you.

Image Credit: Psyonix


How to get free Rocket League & Fortnite cosmetics with Llama Rama 2

Here’s how you can get some free Rocket League and Fortnite cosmetics with the Llama Rama 2 event.



Rocket League Llama Fest 2 Event

Here’s how you can get some free Rocket League and Fortnite cosmetics with the Llama Rama 2 event.

The Rocket League x Fortnite Llama Rama event is kicking off to celebrate Season 2 of Rocket League. This event will begin on March 25 at 12PM ET until April 9 at 4 PM ET, 2021. In addition to these prizes, there will also be a concert from DJ and producer Kascade on March 26 at 8 PM ET and March 27 at 9 AM ET and 2 PM ET.

For the Llama Rama event, you’ll have to complete challenges in Rocket League that will award prizes in both games. There is a total of 6 challenges to complete, with the last reward only being a Rocket League prize.

Rocket League Llama Rama 2 Event Promotion

Rocket League/Fortnite Prizes – Llama Rama 2

The prizes and challenges for the event are listed below. They’ll all be available when the event begins on March 25, 202.


  • Description: Play three online matches
  • Fortnite Reward: Battle Ball Spray
  • Rocket League Reward: Topper – DJ Yonder


  • Description: Get 500 total points in online matches
  • Fortnite Reward: Llama-Rama Loading Screen
  • Rocket League Reward: Player Anthem – Llama Bell


  • Description: Get five Goals, Assists, or Saves in online matches
  • Fortnite Reward: Everybody Dance! Lobby Track
  • Rocket League Reward: Octane Decal – DJ Yonder


  • Description: Get five Clears and Centers in online matches
  • Fortnite Reward: Zooming Wrap
  • Rocket League Reward: Wheels – Umbrella Royale


  • Description: Play one online match in any of the Extra Modes playlists
  • Fortnite Reward: Turbo Ball! Back Bling
  • Rocket League Reward: Player Title – Extra Ordinary


  • Description: Win 10 online matches (Repeatable)
  • Rocket League Reward: 20,000 XP
Fortnite Chapter 2 Promo Art

That’s it! Be sure to finish all these challenges before the event concludes on April 9, 2021. If you’re a Fortnite player and haven’t tried Rocket League yet, this seems to be a perfect time to try the hit title out for yourself.

As far as we’re aware, the items are all exclusive to the event, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Image Credits: Epic Games

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How to unlock Blueprints in Rocket League

Rocket League Blueprints can be used to build items in the Season 2 Item Series, so here’s everything you need to know about them.



Rocket League Blueprints

You can use Blueprints to get yourself some cool new cosmetics that are part of the Rocket League Season 2 Item Series, so here’s how you can get your hands on them. 

The Season 2 Item Series has brought a ton of new items to Rocket League. This includes a slick new vehicle known as the Tygris and other additions such as new decal, wheels, and the Air Strike Goal Explosion.

You can unlock these items either by visiting the Item Shop, or by building them from Blueprints that you receive after matches. Here’s everything you need to know about Blueprints, including how you can acquire them.

Rocket League Blueprints

Blueprints in Rocket League are rewards that you’ll have a chance of receiving after completing online matches. Once you get your hands on one of these, it will show you exactly what item you can build and the price in credits it will cost.

It won’t cost anything to check an Unrevealed Blueprint, and you can choose build the item right away, or keep it in your inventory for later. You can also trade both the Blueprint, and the item you get from it, with other players on the same platform.

Some of these have special attributes and can be used to unlock Painted, Certified, and Special Edition variants. You should absolutely keep an eye out for these as you can acquire better quality items through them.

Tygris in Rocket League

Rocket League’s Season 2 Item Series has started bringing some brand new Blueprints to the game. The highlight is the brand new Tygris, along with a dozen other items ranging from Rare to Black Market rarity.

The developers have confirmed that Dominus will get a special decal as it finally joins the Octane and Fennec in the Huntress club. Other new additions include the W.I.P. and Exalter decal, Medianic and Bravado wheels, and Ambustion boost.

Alternatively, you can also purchase these from the Item Shop, but it’s more rewarding to earn Blueprints. So, be sure to play well, and get yourself some nifty items in the new season!

Image Credits: Psyonix

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