Mark Rubin, Infinity Ward’s Executive Producer, has been very active on twitter lately. His account is @IWMarkRubin in case you haven’t heard and he’s been giving lots of new details regarding what’s currently going on in the studio. Here is a summary of what he has said:


  • Currently, there are no COD4 maps being developed for MW3. Only on Wish List. But for MW2 maps all he says is “No news right now.” “Hope to, but not 100% sure.”
  • Gun DLC issue, here’s our post covering all the details on why gun DLC will not happen.
  • Next patch for Mw3 on Xbox is on June 19th. Details on this are coming soon.
  • New prestige levels (11-20) were added because of community requests
  • IW is working hard on fixing the matchmaking and lag issues. It will take “several patches to fix this”. No ETA yet.
  • IW will be looking into more weapon balancing in the next couple of weeks
  • Spawn system fixes is on the list, not being worked on currently, but they want it to be worked on ASAP
  • Over the next few weeks Mark is going to be looking into more ideas for playlist, including new game modes.
  • Trying his best to get more support for the PC folks
  • ATVI PR really restricts them from telling any DLC news. Mark/Tina had to fight w/ them to get clearance to say next 360 Elite premium drop is coming 6/19. If they didn’t argue with PR, we wouldn’t have known till June 18th.
  • Next Elite Premium Drop for Xbox 360 is coming 6/19. Details on 6/18.
  • They were trying to implement more detailed score boards, but it wasn’t ready before game launch.
  • The disappearing objective markers when you move over them is something Mark is interested in implementing into the “next game”.
  • He will discuss about trying to get a Dome 24/7 playlist, but no promises.

SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin

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