Black Ops II MP was revealed at Gamescom last week, and lots of information was given! If you missed any check our MP Details page for info!


Here’s a round-up of @Treyarch’s and @DavidVonderhaar’s tweets on Black Ops II MP:

  • One unlock token per level. Unlock item of your choice from small [selection], but [choices]increasing as you rank up, sized list.
  • When using the Danger Close WildCard to get 2 lethals, it ‘Has to be the same’ lethal.
  • When using the Tactician WildCard to get 2 Tactical, it ‘has to be different’.
  • For Round-Based Dom, each round will be around 5-6 minutes.
  • CODCasting isn’t allowed in public games to stop cheating
  • Score streak in S&D? “The numbers are score in BlackOps 2. Not XP. You don’t get 500 score for a kill.”
  • Player can control whether or not a turret is AI or user controlled.
  • They have thought about making score streaks per class based, but it wouldn’t work well with Pick 10 system
  • No plans for a new Community Manager
  • Shock Charges can stick to walls
  • Score Streak meter resets when you die.
  • Trophy System is returning as a Tactical Equipment
  • Emblem Editor details + Prestige details coming in a few weeks.
  • They haven’t 100% confirmed which game modes will be enabled in multi-team format
  • You have to spend a point to remove the sniper scope

SOURCE: @Treyarch & @DavidVonderhaar


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