According to a new leak from Black Ops 3’s PC files in the latest patch update, the 10 Specialist that was rumored to be called ‘Blackjack’ will be coming to the game via Contracts.

Contracts were announced recently as a new way to get Black Market rewards. The only Contract available now is a earn 75 match wins, and it will get you access to 1 Weapon Bribe and 10 Rare Supply Drops.

The data mine, posted on Reddit by user void_Glitch, has revealed that finishing up certain contracts will unlock the 10th specialist for use in-game.

The file leak states that players can activate the “Blackjack contracts in the Specialists menu to play as Blackjack for a limited time.”

The 10th specialist was rumored to have the ability to steal other people’s specialist ability for a limited time. Blackjack Specialist is rumored to the Black Market dealer.

Treyarch has not confirmed any of these details as of now. Stay tuned for the latest information.

SOURCE: PasteBin File via u/void_glitch

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