When we first heard the word “Tablet” we automatically thought it was fake. Why in the world would Acitivision bundle an expensive tablet and what does that have to do with MW3?


While attending XP2011, there were rumors already going around that the Prestige Edition of MW3 had just been scrapped due to a “supply and cost issues”. So it was assumed that whatever Acitivision had in mind, was clearly bigger than NVG’s or an RC car. According to a new rumor today from CoDBattles.com, Activision wasn’t able to seal the deal with Sony(tablet maker) because of conflicts with Apple supplying the touchscreens for Sony.

We were quick to call fake until one of “our” sources indicated this was all true (to our surprise). Furthermore, this “Prestige Edition ELITE Tablet” was designed to access elite. It wasn’t your typical iPad or Kindle, however this was probably done to cut cost. In a way this makes sense since ELITE had a big marketing push this year and this probably would have generated more interest in ELITE.


Unfortunately, there’s no photographic proof to confirm how far along the deal was so take this with a grain of salt. It would have been very interesting to see how much the Prestige Edition would have cost if this was released. It’s also interesting to note that it would have been an expensive paper weight for 2 months since the iPad App hasn’t even been released yet. Still, I for one would paid top dollar, even if it was only an iPad2 with a MW3 sticker on it 😉

SOURCE: CoDBattles Via theCODdaily


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