According to new data files found in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward is reportedly testing out adding variants of Scorestreaks to Infinite Warfare, which (unsurprisingly) will be in Supply Drops. 

The data files reveal Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants of current scorestreaks in Infinite Warfare. 

Here are some of the variants of some scorestreaks found in the files. Note, the data mine was not able to find variants for other scorestreaks as of now, which suggests that this is still in testing:


  • Rare: Increased Duration, Decreased Health
  • Legendary: Increased Armor, Decreased Duration
  • Epic: Extra Assist Points, Increased Cost


  • Rare: Increased Debuff, Less Damage
  • Legendary: Increased Speed, Decreased Duration
  • Epic: Stealth, Decreased Speed


  • Rare: Precision Strike, One Plane
  • Legendary: Increased Speed, Increased Cost
  • Epic: Split Strike, One Plane


  • Rare: Extra Flare, Decreased Duration
  • Legendary: High Beam, No Cannon
  • Epic: Moving Fortress, No Turret

According to current information available (which is not 100% confirmed), it appears to be coming into Supply Drops, which is probably the worst way to implement this. Putting game-altering items in Supply Drops only makes the game pay to win, and with how many items Infinity Ward has put in the Quartermaster, many players will never be able to get these variants. 

We should note, however, the data files do not confirm or deny if there will be alternative ways — like crafting with Salvage — for these variants. If they do make crafting the items an option, then it would be a more suitable solution to adding these items. 

As always, this is not confirmed. Activision and Infinity Ward have not announced any details regarding the possibility of variants of streaks. 

We will update as we learn more. 

SOURCE: Reddit

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