UPDATE: Looks like a bogus rumor folks. Nothing to see here, we’ll keep you updated if we hear anything new…

Original story: A new rumor has arisen that the next Call of Duty game has been discussed at Sony’s Destination PlayStation event yesterday. The event is for Sony’s retail, first party, & third party publishers to talk about the future titles for PlayStation platform.

At the event, apparently, Activision talked about a few details regarding Call of Duty 2014. Twitter user @LOKIOLR apparently “heard” details from what Activision said from his boss. According to him, the code name for the game is “Black Smith”, but it’s the next entry in the MW series, and it features great “physics.”



For now, this is just a rumor. Activision was present at the event, as Destiny was apparently a “big part” of the event. Some attendees revealed that this Fall will be great for PlayStation gamers.

SOURCE: @LOKIOLR and NeoGAF  via MP1st

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