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With Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 eSports officially switching over to PS4, there’s bound to be gamers in the market looking for the best controller to use. We’ve been using the SCUF 4PS for a while now – we also tested it by playing the Black Ops III beta on PS4 – and today we’re posting our impressions and review of using the controller.


The SCUF 4PS matches the SCUF One with it’s fantastic grip. That’s one of the features that really brings us to use any SCUF controller. SCUF has always delivered on point with their grips, and SCUF 4PS is no exception.


In addition, the SCUF 4PS also have upgradable option of the Electro Magnetic Remapping feature. This allows you, with a SCUF Magnetic key, to change the paddle layouts whenever you want. So if you don’t like button format you chose originally, you can change it at anytime.


In Black Ops 3, the new movement system features thrust jumps, power slides, and more, and the SCUF paddles might help with continuous shooting while moving and thrust jumping, but…

The difference between using a SCUF with Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare is big – Advanced Warfare was all about precision movement, with players moving in all directions at all times with the Exo Movements. For competitive players, SCUF controllers greatly assisted with that Exo movements. Having the paddles allowed for quick, small movements without losing your hand placement. But with Black Ops 3, that’s not the case. The game has brought back a lot of the focus to ‘boots on the ground’ and using the SCUF is not really needed with this movement systemWe were able to be successful in Black Ops 3 using a regular PS4 controller – without paddles – just as we were with using the SCUF 4PS on the Black Ops 3 beta. Paddles – for many – were to help move around the map and get right back into the action as fast as possible, but in Black Ops 3, your character is already ‘guns-up’ always, so you’re basically always in the action, regardless. It felt odd at many times using the paddles to thrust jump instead of using the X button. The controller is already small enough to allow you to move your fingers quickly to the buttons, without having to use paddles.

There is no feeling of needing a SCUF on PS4, while that feeling did exist on the Xbox One. Xbox One controller is larger in size, and thus, the paddles greatly assisted with movements in Call of Duty games. But on PS4, we were easily able to play Black Ops 3 at the same pace, using the movements effectively with the regular PS4 controller and on the SCUF 4PS.

The only real advantage of using a SCUF 4PS to play Black Ops 3 – or really, another FPS shooter – would be for the quality grip it provides and custom dome analog sticks. And this is for Black Ops 3 only. Of course, SCUF has been around for many years – throughout Black Ops 2 and Ghosts – and offered an excellent advantages in those titles, but again, those were played on Xbox platforms. eSports players on Xbox loved the comfort and abilities available on the SCUF Xbox 360 controllers. 

Even with this being said, the SCUF 4PS – as expected – meets the standards of all SCUF controllers; the design, the feel all are up to par from what you expect from SCUF.


SCUF 4PS is a fantastic controller, for those looking into buying a new controller as the Black Ops 3 eSports season kicks off soon. The controller is especially fitting for those players just transitioning to PS4 from another platform; the SCUF 4PS could help with adjusting to the new controller style and button location. 

If you are transitioning from the Xbox One, and used the SCUF One, the SCUF 4PS allows for a similar feel as you start to adjust to the new controller. Having the paddles can assist players with the transition, as we have seen many Xbox One players complain about the size and location of buttons/analog sticks on the PS4 controller. 

But if you have been on PS4 all along or used a PS3 before, there is really no need for a SCUF. While it does provide an excellent feature set, there is no real advantage of rushing out and buying one if you already enjoy the regular PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller for casual gamers. If you’re planning on getting into competitive scene, then you should definitely consider buying a SCUF 4PS. The 4PS offers the best performance over the regular controller for advantages in intense eSports matches. 

To learn more about the SCUF 4PS and all SCUF products, visit SCUF Gaming’s official website.

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