REVIEW UPDATE 8/21/14: We’ve been using the controller now for about two weeks, and we wanted to provide an update. The control is one of the best in class. Some of the worries we had at the beginning have become non-issues, and nothing to worry about. The controller build and structure is fantastic and over time, this controller will give you a great experience for playing the best in class first person shooter games. 

SCUF Gaming controllers have been around for a while now; pro gamers around the world use SCUF controllers for better grips, the paddles, and overall better controller. For years now, we’ve just stuck to using the regular controllers that come in the box with each console. We’ve never ventured out to try something new. Using the SCUF One, we’ve learned a lot.

Microsoft’s out of the box controller restricts many fans of the one thing that we as gamers want: options on how we want to play. SCUF Gaming brings an incredible variety of options, with options to choose how many paddles, the shape of the thumbsticks, whether you want rumbles, Electro Magnetic Remapping, ability to change the Xbox logo light, and the best-in-class grip. You, as the gamer, get to dictate which features you want, to make it YOUR controller. 

The staple feature of SCUF controllers is of course the paddles. You can choose either 2 or 4 paddles. The paddles are located on the back of the controller, and you get to choose what button assignment you want for those. For our controller out of the box, we chose A and B button for the two paddles. What the paddles do, basically, is allow you to use the configured buttons without having to move your finger off the thumbsticks. This allows you to, in Call of Duty, maybe slide into the action and be able to change the direction your character is looking. But what if you bought your controller and then realize you want to change the paddle configuration? Make sure that when you buy the SCUF itself, be sure to select the EMR – Electro Magnetic Remapping feature. This allows you, with a Scuf Magnetic key, to change the paddle layouts whenever you want. We tested this out, and it works very easily. 

You also get the option to select the type of thumbsticks you want. SCUF offers 6 thumbstick options, with many choices from concave up, and more. We decided to go with the Regular Concave option for both thumbsticks. After using this option, it’s become natural to make sure your fingers stay in the thumbsticks. The concavity allows your fingers to be cushioned into the placement, and feel comfortable while playing. 

Another huge improvement in the SCUF One is the new Hair Trigger function. This reduces the trigger latency so you can press the trigger button faster and start shooting in action quicker.  The trigger stop mechanism prevents you from making any unintended actions after you press aim/shoot button.  This is very helpful when playing Call of Duty or any FPS title. It brings a new level to how you should play your game.

Finally, and what we think is the best feature, is the grip. It’s incredible. The first thing you’ll notice when you pick one of these up is that the texture on the back allows for a comfortable grip that ensures a sturdy placement in the hands.

SCUF has delivered an amazing array of features with their SCUF One controller design. The clean, beautiful design with so many customization options for to choose from, delivers a best in class product for all FPS gamers. 


Grip: 5/5

Responsiveness: 4/5

Trigger Functionality: 4.5/5 

EMR Feature: 5/5 


  • Best in class grip
  • Electro Magnetic Remapping feature allows for quick paddle placement change
  • Trigger is more responsive than out-of-box controller 


  • Update (8/20/14): We wanted to clarify regarding the color issues – the issue is not a production issue at all; it’s only a mishandling by the user issue.
  • Update (8/20/14): To clarify regarding tear: the controller’s back may see some normal wear/tear after prolonged usage of the controller; the material on the back, after further impressions, does seem like it’s easy to tear. Our initial impressions of the material revealed a possible tear could occur. 
  • Not really made for games other than First-Person Shooters.

Visit SCUF’s website today to purchase your SCUF One. PlayStation 4 fans, SCUF also has a new line up of 4PS PS4 controllers available on their website as well. 

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