The second Clan Wars for Call of Duty: Ghosts has officially kicked off! This time, the location is Oahu, Hawaii on the Clan Wars map that lives within the mobile app.

Activision has also revealed what sorts of rewards and achievements you can get if you place a certain way in the Clan Wars.


Pirate Booty, unlocked via the Sea Legs Achievement

Finish in the top 3 of the Oahu Clan War



Body Count Reaper, unlocked via the Unstoppable Achievement

Win 2 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher




Triad, unlocked via the Taste of Victory Achievement

Win a Clan War



Body Count, unlocked via the Make Your Mark Achievement

Win a Clan War in Gold Division or higher



Dusk ‘til Dawn, unlocked via the Platinum Division Achievement

Qualify for the Platinum Division in Clan Wars



Honorable Discount, unlocked via the End Game Achievement

Finish a Clan War holding 5 nodes



Undead Rising, unlocked via the Unwavering Achievement

Hold a node for 3 days



Fashionably Dead, unlocked via the Surveryor Achievement

Capture 5 nodes during a Clan War



Eye for an Eye, unlocked via the Committed Achievement

Hold 4 nodes simultaneously


Gnome Problem, unlocked via the Gold Division Achievement

Qualify for the Gold Division in Clan Wars

SOURCE: Call of Duty