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Several original Infinity Ward developers, who were part of the original team since the earliest days of the studios and left for Respawn after what happened during the 2010 debacle between Infinity Ward and Activision, have returned to Infinity Ward recently to work once again on Call of Duty.

A user on Reddit shared a list of the developers that are back:

  • Geoffrey Smith — Former Designer at Infinity Ward, then moved to Respawn to be Lead Game Designer; he is now now Multiplayer Design Director at Infinity Ward — Linkedin
  • Joel Emslie — Former Art Lead at Infinity Ward; moved to Respawn to be Art Director. Emsile has returned to Infinity Ward as Studio Art Director at Infinity Ward) — Twitter
  • Mark Grigsby – He was the former Lead Animator at Infinity Ward, the moved to Respawn to be the Lead Animator; he is now back as Animation Director at Infinity Ward — Linkedin
  • Ranon Sarono – Former Senior Animator at Respawn; he is now Senior Animator at Infinity Ward — Twitter
  • John Mundy  — He was the Senior Game Designer at Respawn; now the Senior Game Designer at Infinity Ward) — Linkedin
  • Joshua Dunnam — Former Senior Environment Artist at Respawn; he is now the now Senior Environment Artist at Infinity Ward — Linkedin
  • Dom McCarthy — Former Producer at Respawn; he is now Producer at Infinity Ward — Linkedin
  • Madison Cromwell — Former Art Producer at Respawn; currently the Associate Producer at Infinity Ward — Linkedin

Infinity Ward has had a rough time with the response to their latest games. Both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were met with mediocre response by the community for the MP portions of the game.

Activision has not announced any details on the next Infinity Ward title. The former CEO, Eric Hirshberg, said back in February that the upcoming 3 year Call of Duty slate would be the best in the franchise’s history, stating that there are many world in tact in Call of Duty that players love.

SOURCE: Reddit

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