Retailers around the world have announced some updates to their launch plans for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Retailers in Australia and UK have stated that they’ll be opening their stores at 6PM local time on October 11 to hand out copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, rather than a midnight launch. GAME UK has confirmed this information for all of their stores in the UK, saying it’ll provide ample time to download the almost 50GB update for those buying the disc version of the game. In Australia, EB Games is also opening 6PM local time on October 11.

Online retailers, including Amazon in Europe, has changed the release date for Black Ops 4 to October 11, meaning those who’ve pre-ordered online should expect their copies to arrive on Thursday at some point to prepare the download ahead of the games official launch. 

In the US, GameStop has been informing customers that their stores will also open hours earlier to hand out copies for those who pre-ordered. Check with your retailer for more information. 

Digital Copies of Black Ops 4 on PS4 and Xbox One will be playable starting at midnight local time on October 12. 

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