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SHG says Domination 75 will be the new standard



In their latest community update, Sledgehammer Games has stated that, after reviewing fan feedback, internal data, and more, they have decided that Domination 75 will become the new standard Domination in-game in the near future.

Domination is intended to be an objective-focused mode. Playing the mode optimally requires finding a balance between map control and slaying enemies. The XP awards associated with these actions also need to strike this balance. Dom 50 puts too much emphasis on trying to attain complete map control (3-Caps). 3-Caps typically cause spawns to flip and often result in a loss of map control, because it is difficult to locate the enemy team. On the other end of the spectrum, Dom 100 puts too much emphasis on killing enemies (typically in the quest for streaks). Slaying enemies to keep them away from the Dom flags is certainly an important aspect of the mode, but having control of the Dom flags needs to come first for a team to succeed. Dom 75 properly rewards both of these motivations and finds the intended balance regarding how frequently Scorestreaks are earned. Dom 75 encourages players to take control of 2 objectives and then maintain map control by killing attackers (which we consider to be the winning strategy of Domination). 

We’ll update when it’s live in-game.