In the Google+ Hangout today, Sledgehammer Games’s Michael Condrey has confirmed what their solution to Dead Silence is. Instead of it becoming a perk, they are making it an Exo Ability. These are separate choices, which take up a point in the pick 13 slot.

The ability is called Exo Mute, and works just as Dead Silence works in other Call of Duty titles. Condrey stated that the advancements in the audio engine don’t require a full fledge perk for Dead Silence. Condrey did state that depending on feedback, they will be willing to change it post launch.

Exo Abilities in Advanced Warfare use a battery charge, and from what was announced earlier, you only get one use per life. Exo Abilities have limited time usage – from gameplay and what we played, the battery die pretty quickly, lasting seconds. We should also note that you can off/on the battery many times in a single life – as long as there’s battery life left; the battery life can be tracked in the HUD in the bottom right.

UPDATE: Michael Condrey has tweeted out stating that the Mute lasts for 20s, or 30s using the Overcharged perk (this perk increases battery life of Exo-abilities) and will “enhance balance and strategy.”


SOURCE: Google+

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