In a new blog post on Sledgehammer Games’s website, they discuss on the team developed the ExoSkeleton for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Exoskeletons are something some fans may see has a fiction, a piece of technology that wouldn’t exist. However, exoskeletons are real, and are starting to appear in military development facilities.

Through research, and early gameplay prototypes, we were excited and inspired by the innovations that an exoskeleton would offer for our fans. “The idea for the exoskeleton came out of our extensive research into various real-life super soldier programs,” said Bret Robbins, Creative Director at Sledgehammer Games. “A soldier’s strength and endurance are a constant limitation on the battlefield, and real advancements were being made in that area.” It became the heart of the Advance Soldier, our story, and the main driver of new gameplay mechanics and player experiences.

Whilst developing Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games has researched every aspect of the game, every piece of technology that is part of it to make sure it is possible and plausible in the future.

Striking the balance between science and fiction was only be achieved through extensive research. Using the design principle of “form follows function” our concept team met with a wide group of military operators, technologists, futurists, and industry leaders to compile a grounded understanding for the exoskeleton on the battlefield of the future. “It was extremely important that the exoskeleton did not read as overly complicated from a distance,” said Joseph Salud, Art Director at Sledgehammer Games. “We developed a design that the player would recognize and understand in a split second upon seeing the exoskeleton – what it was, how it works, and how it provides exciting new abilities for Call of Duty players.”

Here’s two images of the Exoskeleton close up in game:

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games

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