Speaking in the newest episode of GameSpot’s Aim Down Sights, Michael Condrey talked a little about the reasoning behind the introduction of Exosuits into Call of Duty franchise. One of the main reasons was that it brings new movements and changes the way we will play Call of Duty. Condrey also stated that fans calling for innovation and change also lead to the decision of new movements.

We had heard loud and clear from fans that they wanted change, they wanted innovation; that we needed to bring something new to Call of Duty,” Condrey says about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. “And change is scary sometimes, right? I can’t say everybody thought it was the right idea on day one, but I’m pretty sure most people think it’s the right idea today.”

Sledgehammer Games had decided upon bringing the Exosuits into Call of Duty back in 2011, right before MW3’s development ended.

“Three years ago, the exo wasn’t in the mind’s eye of the public like it is today,” he says. “You think about it now; it’s films like Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow and Oblivion; and you see it all over the news of the military adopting it and healthcare. So everyone’s talking about the exo. But three years ago, it was a big step.”

SOURCE: GameSpot

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