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Call of Duty

SHGames says majority of Advanced Warfare’s engine has been built from scratch



In May’s Edition of GameInformer, Sledgehammer Games stated that Advanced Warfare has a brand new engine, but many Call of Duty fans were skeptical as to what that really means. In the newest edition of Edge Magazine, Michael Condrey has clarified what the engine is and how it works.

Condrey says that the team at Sledgehammer has built majority of the engine from scratch. Some of the lines of old Call of Duty engine exists, but majority of it has been built from scratch that the old engine is unrecognizable.

Condrey says, “Although what the studio means by ‘new’ in this context isn’t what the internet means when it complains about the old COD engine.”

There are, says Condrey, lines of the old engine’s code still in Advanced Warfare, just as there are in most studios’ engines entering a new generation, but enough¬†has been built from scratch to make it almost unrecognizable.

“We have new rendering, animation, physics and audio systems”

This makes it the first Call of Duty game to be completely built off of a new, built from scratch engine. All of the previous Call of Duty games ran off the base “Quake” engine, just modifying it to improve the functionality.

SOURCE: Edge Online Magazine