Sledgehammer Games has shared their latest weekly update for Call of Duty: WWII and has provided a teaser of a new in-game event for the title.

The image shown says ‘Halloween Scream’ with a re-designed Headquarters for the Halloween Season. SHG just says ‘Trick or Treat’ with no date provided for when this event could start in Call of Duty: WWII.

In addition, their weekly update has revealed some of the upcoming fixes for the game.

Here’s some of the MP fixes coming:

  • Issue where players are kicked to Find Match menu when redeeming an Order or Contract
  • Issue where Flak Gun event is not occurring regularly on XB1
  • Issue where paratroopers could be placed in locations that would cause players to be stuck floating in the air

Here’s some of the Zombies updates coming:

  • Master Prestige Rewards. That’s right, folks. These are coming for Nazi Zombies! We’re working on a few cool new items for Master Prestige players to show off to fellow slayers.
  • Survival Maps Unlocked. These will be unlocked for anyone who owns DLC3! No need to complete the full Easter Egg to unlock the DLC 3 Survival Maps.
  • Upcoming Fixes:
    • Issue where XB1 players are crashing while playing Nazi Zombies
    • Issue where the Orb of Lu’Roth cooldown is not instantly resetting if the teleport fails
    • Serious God King overhaul!



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