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Back in May, ShopTo.net announced that it will no longer take preorders or sell Call of Duty Ghosts over a dispute with Activision regarding shipping dates. With less than 3 weeks to go till release, they have finally reached an agreement to sell Call of Duty Ghosts. However this recent Royal Mail strike has just added to the confusion of when Ghosts might arrive in the UK.

“As you may recall, back in May 2013 we informed you that due to contractual issues and delivery policy agreement with Activision, ShopTo decided not to list Call of Duty: Ghosts for pre-order as we did not feel that we could maintain our high standards of release date delivery (99% delivery on release date).

We are now pleased to inform our customers that we have managed to come to an agreement with Activision which will allow us to once again make Call of Duty: Ghosts available for

The new agreement will allow for us to have Royal Mail pick up customer orders on the Saturday prior to release. This will enable orders to enter the sorting system on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. This should help ensure that we meet our current high standards.

Please note that Royal Mail is currently scheduled to perform strike action in Monday, November 4. We are currently awaiting Activision’s decision on how delivery of the standard issue be resolved should the strike action take place. However, delivery of the Hardened edition will be dispatched via DPD.”

SOURCE: ShopTo via VG247

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