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Sledgehammer Games hires new Chief Operating Officer



Sledgehammer Games has added a new Chief Operating Officer to the studio this week, as the studio continues to expand with many job openings (over 40, the highest for any Activision studio right now) available on the company’s website.

The new Chief Operating Officer is Andy Wilson, as announced on his Twitter account. Based on his Likendln profile, Wilson started working first at Disney, then as an associate producer at Ubisoft, and last a VP of development at Hanger 13 (a 2K development studio).

He worked at 2K for over 5 years, and is now joining Sledgehammer Games as COO. This is the tweet he shared this afternoon:

Sledgehammer Games, as studio, appears to be going through many changes as the company has been working to find its footing again after losing co-founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield in 2018.

In late May, Kotaku released an article revealing that Sledgehammer wasn’t the lead developer for 2020 Call of Duty, but instead, Activision put Raven in charge of the title. Kotaku’s big news revealed Sledgehammer Games and Raven were made to be support devs for a Treyarch to bring a new Black Ops game in 2020.

Reports also reveal that Sledgehammer has been losing developers at an astonishing pace, so the studio appears to be in another’s sort of rebuilding phase for while.