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Earlier this week, Activision showcased the new 2019 Call of Duty game to some NFL Draft prospects in an event in Nashville, TN, including Riley Ridley, and more.

With the NFL draft players checking out the new game, some people have been speculating that Call of Duty 2019 could be revealed during the NFL Draft this weekend, which is set to air on ABC and ESPN from Thursday through Saturday.

Variety released a new article today discussing the ad buyers for the event, stating that this is one of the biggest ad buy events for Disney ever thanks to the NFL Draft airing on ABC and ESPN, both owned Disney properties. Variety has mentioned that the NFL Draft has new ad partners for this year, and their post is not mentioning Activision as a partner.

Variety mentions the following new ad partners, with no mention of Activision Blizzard or any of Activision’s media partners:

Advertisers in the Draft broadcasts this year will include Home Depot and Goodyear, with Nissan, Mercedes, Metro PCS and Old Navy among those who will support the ABC broadcast. Marriott Courtyard will be a presenting sponsor on ESPN – the only hotelier to advertiser on the program – and Home Depot will be a presenting sponsor on ABC.

The latest rumors for the 2019 game is that the title is set to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, with Eurogamer sources mentioning that is the title.

Activision has yet to officially announce any details on the title, as many fans are getting anxious waiting for the reveal.

We’ll update as we get the latest information on the 2019 game.

SOURCE: Variety

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