The Brazil Game Show is currently happening live and VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Adam Boyes, just confirmed that Call of Duty Ghosts on Playstation 4 will run “native 1080p on the PS4.” This along with a recent Playstation Store listing confirms that Ghosts will NOT be upscaled from a lower resolution to fit 1080p.

This isn’t that shocking as Sony has already gone on record to say that they require ALL of their PS4 games to be native 1080p, however there have been a LOT of rumors this past week that Ghosts was up scaled, specifically on Xbox One.

“Native” is really the keyword. It means basically the image isn’t “stretched” to fit 1080p resolution. All Xbox One games are 1080p however some are not native like we previously reported.

So now the only question remains is whether or not the Xbox One version is true, native 1080p….

SOURCE: Sony VP Adam Boyes via Playstation Lifestyles