SCEE CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview with Edge that Microsoft getting Call of Duty DLC first isn’t the end of the world for customers or for Sony. Sony has a good relationship with Activision, as shown by their upcoming partnership with Destiny.

So they’re all going to be there, Call Of Duty’s going to be there, platform holders tie up with publishers for what is perceived to be mutual benefit. We’re doing it with Ubisoft and we’re doing it with Activision with Destiny. But at the end of the day these big games, they’re all multiformat and you’re talking about Windows of 60 or 30 days for one piece of DLC – it’s not the end of the world.

Ryan says that the platforms DLC early shouldn’t determine the effectiveness of a game on a certain console.

And I would argue that that stuff has been platform enhancing to the extent that a thirty day window on some DLC that’s quickly caught up by the competitor platform can’t be.


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