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Call of Duty

Specialist Headquarters — Backstory Videos, Story Videos, Missions, and More



Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features an extensive Specialist Headquarters, the hub for all the information you need to know on the Specialists in the Black Ops 4 world.

In the Specialist Headquarters, there is a lot of different things to do and see. You can click Story and watch numerous videos, including videos featuring St. Frank Woods, and more. There’s additional intel to unlock as you gain Bronze Stars in the Specialist HQ.

You can also checkout the Dossier for each specialist, which features a lot of information on each specialist, plus a backstory video and information on how the specialist weapons and abilities work.

In addition, each Specialist features their own Specialist Mission to complete. Completing the missions gets you Bronze Stars and details on how to evolve the specialist’s story and progression.

Lastly, there’s a lot of Intel based items to open up, but you need to get bronze stars to do so. There’s a lot of story to checkout here for those who want to dive deep into the Black Ops world.

Checkout the Specialist Story in-game.