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Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront 3: Everything we know so far

It’s becoming increasingly likely that Lucasfilm Games will soon announce Star Wars Battlefront 3, so here’s everything we know so far.



Although unconfirmed, rumors and speculation are making it extremely likely that Star Wars Battlefront 3 is in development and will be announced soon. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Star Wars Battlefront franchise was rebooted in 2015 by Dice on the Frostbite engine. Huge battles, stunning visuals, and sounds directly from the films made the game a Star Wars fan’s dream. Battlefront II was released in 2017 and was expected to be even better than its predecessor. It included space battles, free content and updates, and heroes and planets from all three eras of the franchise.

Unfortunately, Battlefront II’s loot box system was so predatory that it received massive backlash, and it changed how microtransactions were implemented in video games forever. The infamous ‘sense of pride and accomplishment’ Reddit comment came about because of this game, and its reputation was largely tarnished.

However, after several updates and overhauls, Battlefront II became the excellent game it should always have been.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay

Battlefront II recently became free on the Epic Games Store for a limited time, breathing life back into the no-longer supported game. With more and more Star Wars content being developed, it would make sense for Dice to try again with Battlefront 3.

Since Disney took over the rights to Star Wars, they have gone all-in on creating new Star Wars IPs. Season 7 of The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian have brought Star Wars back into the pop culture limelight, and the creation of new games set in a galaxy far, far away is a logical next step.

Here’s everything we know about Star Wars Battlefront 3 so far.

Star Wars Battlefront II actors return to work

The first Star Wars Battlefront didn’t feature a campaign, but the sequel featured a full story canon to the movies.

Several actors from the original Battlefront game have posted that they are back to work on social media. In November, TJ Ramini, who played Del Meeko, posted an image of him holding a motion capture suit to his Twitter. Alongside it, he said “Hello, old friend,” with a video game controller emoji beside it.

Janina Gavankar, who played Iden Versio, posted an image of a motion capture suit around the same time.

Also, Anthony Skordi, who played Imperial Admiral Versio, posted a picture of him in a recording booth and bantered with Ramini, confirming they are working on a project together.

With these actors confirming they are working together and posting motion suit pictures around the same time, they are likely working on the Star Wars Battlefront 3 campaign together.

EA still working on Star Wars games

It was announced that the newly-formed Lucasfilm Games will be handling the creation of future Star Wars games. With this news came the reveal that Ubisoft and Lucasfilm will be working on an open-world Star Wars game.

This led to speculation over whether EA would continue to make Star Wars games. Some delighted in the fact that EA might no longer be handling the sci-fi franchise, but for fans of Battlefront and Jedi: Fallen Order, this was a blow.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

However, in a post on, Lucasfilm Games VP Douglas Reilly confirmed that they are continuing to develop Star Wars games with EA.

“We’re really proud of the games we have created with EA,” said Reilly. “We will continue working with them and our relationship has never been stronger. While we may not have a lot of details to share at the moment, we’ve got several projects underway with the talented teams at EA.”

This makes it extremely likely that Dice will be developing Star Wars Battlefront 3.

Battlefront 3 2022 Release Date?

We know that a new Battlefield game is on the slate for late 2021, therefore it’s impossible for Battlefront 3 to release this year.

In the late 2010s, Dice were releasing a new game every year. The Battlefield franchise and Battlefront released each year up until 2018 with Battlefield V. Both Battlefront II and Battlefield V had controversial launches for different reasons, and it appeared to take the wind out of Dice’s sails.

With Battlefield 6 releasing in 2021, it’s most likely that that Battlefront 3 will release in 2022 or 2023.

Keep an eye on this article, where we’ll be updating it with every credible rumor and new information surrounding Battlefront 3.

Image Credits: Electronic Arts