Supply Drops are officially live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered with the December update.

The drops only have cosmetic items, and all items in that can be earned in drops can also be earned via Collections for those that do not want to open the drops.

Supply Drops are available in the Depot in Modern Warfare Remastered. The Drops can be unlocked with Call of Duty Points and with Depot Credits (which are earned through playtime). Similar to Infinite Warfare, there are two types of Drops: Common or Rare. Common Drops cost 10 Depot Credits. Rare Drops cost 30 Depot Credits or 200 Call of Duty Points.

Modern Warfare Remastered also has Parts, which is Modern Warfare Remastered’s version of Infinite Warfare’s Salvage. The Parts can be used to craft all items found in Supply Drops. In addition, there are new weapon kits in the game which alter the look of the weapons.

Today’s customization update is called Operation Arctic Wolf, and brings with it weapon camos, reticles, combat uniforms, emblems, calling cards, and more. In addition, there’s now female soldiers in game.


There’s also a selection of melee weapons now live in Modern Warfare Remastered.


SOURCE: Activision