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UPDATE 1: We were able to obtain a hi-res image, still skeptical.

UPDATE 2: Commentator “Alex Smith”, posted a hi-res screenshot of the official web site before it was supposedly taken down..still..a little..skeptical..

Apparently, anything posted on the official Call of Duty forums that is Black Ops 2 related and taken down is real, according to Examiner.comAgain, we’re bringing this to you because it’s already spread all over the internet and again, we say it’s fake.

Staff writer Keshav pointed out that the logo is missing the registered trademark logos (ex. TM,®) which is found on all previous Call of Duty logos. Also suspect is the fact that the image is extremely low-res and the image is easily duplicated (as seen in our very own mock image).  And why announce the date of the reveal UNDER the logo? Normal viral marketing campaigns make you go through all kinds of hard work just to figure out the date, then once that date arrives you’re rewarded with the reveal of the product along with it’s official logo. Who ever came up with the image remembers that the original Black Ops was revealed on April 30th (a friday) which is probably why they picked a similar date.

For those anxiously waiting for the reveal of the next Call of Duty, here are some dates to remember..

We already reached out to Activision for comment however we only received an acknowledgement that they’re aware, unfortunetly they don’t comment on rumors and speculations.

SOURCE:  Examiner.com

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