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Call of Duty: Mobile

The 5 Best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile

There are a plethora of amazing weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 for you to use. We’ll go over the 5 best ones you should pick.



The 5 Best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile

With Season 13 of COD: Mobile well underway, there are a ton of new changes to the game’s multiplayer, and its weapons. This means that you’ll have to try out some new guns, and here are the 5 best ones.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 13 went live on Android and iOS devices on December 21, bringing a plethora of new content such as multiplayer maps, Battle Royale changes, and new weapons. The BK57, QXR, and Razorback are the newest guns in the season.

A few weapons such as the ASM 10 have been nerfed in the battle royale so this, along with the new additions, gives you incentive to try out different guns. You’re not guaranteed a victory in Battle Royale by being good at 1v1 gunfights, so you’ll need to pick your weapons wisely.

The 5 Best Call of Duty: Mobile Weapons

COD: Mobile has a wide assortment of weapons for you to choose from, and many of them are suited for different types of combat. SMGs are ideal for taking on your foes while running and gunning, while Assault Rifles dominate medium to long-range combat.

You can get yourself some extremely powerful weapons as loot during matches and here are the five best guns that you can use in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13.


The ASM-10 is potentially the best Assault Rifle in CoD Mobile Season 13. It’s capable of killing an enemy in only three shots at 20 meters and has very manageable recoil. Plus its headshot accuracy is unmatched by any other weapon in the game.

It does have a low ADS speed, but that hardly matters compared to the damage it can deal and the accuracy it gives you. The gun has received a nerf during this season with the standard mag size being reduced from 30 rounds down to 25.

The weapon will now require more care when using it in hectic combat situations, so we recommend going with an extended magazine to counter this change. It will go along great with the impressive rate of fire that this AR possesses.

ASM-10 Assault Rifle in COD: Mobile

Peacekeeper MK2

The Peacekeeper MK2 is a brand new Assault Rifle that you can unlock at Tier 21 of the free Battle Pass. It’s an ideal weapon choice for close-range combat due to its great damage, mobility, and accuracy that allows you to stay on the move while shooting.

It comes with an iron-sight which is a lot like the base Man-O-War’s, and it’s the only weapon with the magazine flip animation reload in the game.

This weapon isn’t fit for long-range combat, so you’re better off closing the distance between you and your foes. Equipping a few select attachments will significantly improve the close-range combat capabilities of the weapon.

With the great mobility offered by the MK2, you’ll be able to respond to enemies extremely fast and dish out some real pain.

Peacekeeper MK2 in COD: Mobile


This Assault Rifle has become a staple of the Call of Duty franchise and is an extremely popular pick for players. It’s useful at different ranges and its high damage make it capable of eliminating foes in just a couple of shots at close to medium-range.

The AK-47 is great for decimating any foe that dares come your way, but the downside is the high recoil. If you want accuracy when aiming at an enemy target, then you’ll have to equip a few attachments to improve this flaw.

You can use the Strike Foregrip to improve vertical recoil control, and ADS bullet spread accuracy. This will come at the cost of movement speed, but you can counteract that with the Stippled Grip Tape attachment.

AK-47 in COD: Mobile

AGR 556

If you’re up for rushing into close combat, then you can’t do better than SMGs. They offer better mobility and speed than Assault Rifles, so they’re the ideal choice. The AGR 556 is a reliable gun that you obtain at Tier 21 on the Season 12 Battle Pass.

This fully automatic submachine gun can deal damage with a high rate of fire and low recoil. It allows for a lot of mobility and has great range for an SMG. The only aspect that needs some tuning is the DPS, so we’ve prepared a loadout that prioritizes dishing out damage with minimal loss of movement speed.

AGR 556 SMG in COD: Mobile


This automatic shotgun has a large ammo capacity that makes it ideal for close-range combat situations. While it doesn’t have the quickest firing speed, it makes up for it with an incredible effective damage range, and you can reload all your shots at once thanks to the magazine system.

A shotgun isn’t the weapon of choice when engaging in medium to long-range combat, however, you can still increase the Echo’s damage range through attachments such as the MIP Extended Light Barrel.

The weapon’s inability to ADS means you will end up firing from the hip, which allows you to spam shots and eliminate foes frequently. That makes it a must-have during modes like Domination and Hardpoint.

Echo Shotgun in COD: Mobile

That covers the five best weapons that you pick in COD: Mobile Season 13. This selection of guns is useful for a variety of different combat scenarios, at different ranges. Once you have these equipped, you’ll become an unstoppable killing machine.

We hope that this list serve you well. With the new season well underway, we’re expecting a ton of new content for Call of Duty: Mobile in 2021. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with every new announcement.

Image Credits: CoD Mobile / Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile

When does CoD Mobile Season 2 start?

Season 1 of CoD Mobile is here with lots of new content, but when is Season 2 of the free-to-play Call of Duty game expected to start?



cod mobile season 2

Call of Duty Mobile underwent a rebirth of sorts by having its 14th Season reset and start from Season 1 again. This soft reboot has added lots of new content to the game, but fans are already looking ahead to see what Season 2 could bring.

To possibly save CoD Mobile from being affected by number-fatigue, the game has reverted back to Season 1 for its first major content drop of 2021. The “New Order” update has introduced new modes, a new map, and much more.

The devs have made sure to keep the game fresh with new goodies to look forward to each month. 2021 is expected to be no different for the smash-hit mobile game, so here’s everything you need to know about Season 2.

When will CoD Mobile Season 1 end?

The all-new Reclaim map was just one of the cool, new things introduced in Season 1’s January 26 launch date. There was also plenty of new loot that you’d expect in the form of a new Battle Pass, weapons, characters, and cosmetics.

Attentive Season Pass owners will notice that their Season 1 Battle Pass is set to expire on March 10. As with previous seasons of CoD Mobile, we fully expect Season 2 to kick-off with a bang sometime on March 11.

cod season 1 new order

What content will be in CoD Mobile Season 2?

Given that it’s still nearly two months until Season 2 is expected to launch, it’s understandable that not too much has been said about what we can expect.

However, a leak has revealed that another Modern Warfare map is coming. The chaotic Shoot House map is currently undergoing Beta testing in China, meaning there are a few weeks left to iron out any kinks.

Other than that, we will obviously expect a new Battle Pass, weapons, maybe more maps, and modes too.

cod shoot house map modern warfare

What will CoD Mobile Season 2’s theme be?

CoD Mobile is no stranger to cool themes that help shape the nature of a season. In the past, we’ve seen wars between different factions and even a Western theme too.

Given that the game is currently trying to feel reinvigorated with its new Seasonal numbering, we can expect Season 2 to have a much different theme to Season 1.

cod mobile theme

With Season 1 still being very much fresh on everyone’s minds, and phones, there isn’t too much to be discussed on the Season 2 front just yet.

But just like the Shoot House beta, if any small details trickle out, then we’ll be the first to let you know.

Image Credits: Activision Blizzard

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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 1 New Order patch notes: Reclaim, Battle Pass skins, & modes

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 New Order brings fresh new content across MP & Battle Royale, including the SKS weapon.



Call of Duty: Mobile’s first new season of 2021 kicks off on January 26 with a variety of new MP & Battle Royale content for all players jumping into the action.

The new season begins at 4PM PT on January 26, 2021 on iOS and Android with the latest update for the Mobile game.

In new a blog post on the Activision site, the team has detailed what fans can expect in terms of new content coming with Season 1 New Order. Activision switched the season naming scheme back to Season 1 for Call of Duty: Mobile starting in 2021 to avoid having un-ending season numbers for the game in the future.

The new Season is highlighted by a brand new, original map, new Battle Pass cyberpunk themed skins, the SKS weapon, and more new modes across MP & Battle Royale.

Call of Duty: Mobile will also feature the Fight for Humanity event, with new seasonal rewards as part of the limited time event.

Let’s break down the new content as part of Season 1 New Order.

Battle Pass

New Order comes with a brand-new Battle Pass featuring 50 tiers of free and Premium content including new characters, new weapons, Blueprints, charms, and more.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

New Order brings two new weapons to the mix, including the FR. 556, a free base weapon unlocked at Tier 21. This assault rifle packs a mighty punch, and performs well at medium-to-long range. In fact, the FR. 556’s burst fire capability makes it a surprisingly good weapon for long-range fights.

There are lots of other free items to unlock, including the Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun at Tier 14, tacticals like the Flashbang Grenade – Light Show at Tier 28 and Concussion Grenade – Light Show at Tier 34, and plenty of free credits on the road to Tier 50.

Premium Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the New Order stream. Unlock cyberpunk style character skins like FTL – Power Line, Spectre – Chrome, Prophet – Geist, and David Mason – Enforcer. Expand your arsenal with epic blueprints like the Cordite – Tech Noir, the Locus – Carbon Cat, the FR .566 – Rogue Agent, the HBRa3 – Capacitor, and the HG-40 Cybersick.

New Weapon: SKS

Those looking to put in more effort can earn another base weapon, the SKS, via the seasonal challenge Battle Royale Bluff. This Marksman Rifle is all about dominating long-range firefights with its fast-firing Kilo Bolt-Action. The SKS will be available in mid-February.

New MP Map: Reclaim

Battle it out in the dilapidated remains of a holiday shopping complex in Reclaim, a brand-new and original map joining the Multiplayer rotation on Call of Duty: Mobile

Stick to the ground floor boutiques and fight it out against enemies in the street, or head upstairs for the height advantage at the risk of getting ambushed at a moment’s notice.

New MP & BR Modes

New Multiplayer Modes: 3v3 Gunfight & 20-Player Attack of the Undead

New Order expands two fan-favorite modes into even more chaos with the addition of 3v3 Gunfight and 20-player Attack of the Undead. In Gunfight, a third teammate creates all kinds of new possibilities for winning rounds, and with 20 players in Attack of the Undead you’ll need to be in top fighting form to fight off the horde.

New Battle Royale Mode: Blitz

No dilly-dallying now, Blitz is here as a brand-new Battle Royale variant featuring 40 players in a fast-paced match. It’s not much over ten minutes until the final safe zone forms, so stay alert and keep moving forward into ever more present danger.

Don’t fret, though, as the map is filled with extra items to compensate for the mode’s shorter duration. From equipment to weapons, it’s only a short search away from a strong loadout, letting you focus on the battles ahead.

Limited Time Event

Pick Your Side in The Fight for Humanity Event

Choose your faction: Atlas or Cordis. In the Fight for Humanity event, arriving later this Season, each faction vies for control over territory. Win new territory each day by completing different tasks. Can your faction win all 15 territories?

Accumulate both personal and faction points for your efforts, reaching toward milestone and leaderboard prizes. Winning a territory awards a bonus toward your personal points, so it pays to work on the day’s task. Reach a high enough milestone to show off your dedication with a faction specific cosmetic skin and an epic weapon blueprint.

Be sure to drop into Call of Duty: Mobile starting at 4PM PT on January 26 for Season 1 New Order, and follow us @CODMobileClips for the latest updates!

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Call of Duty: Mobile

New CoD: Mobile leak reveals another Modern Warfare map is coming

A new leaked clip has revealed that the Shoot House map from Modern Warfare is getting its first remake in COD: Mobile.



A new map is coming to COD: Mobile

A new leak has revealed that the Shoot House map from Modern Warfare is being beta tested in a Chinese server, which means that we’ll see it arrive in Call of Duty: Mobile soon. Here’s what we know so far.

Call of Duty: Mobile is entering a brand new Season, which means that there’s a plethora of new content on the horizon. This includes some exciting new maps, and the new update will be bringing its fair share of those.

The game already has a lot of locations from other Call of Duty titles, and a new leak has emerged which suggests that another one from Modern Warfare will be added soon. This is referring to Shoot House, which was introduced back in November 2019.

Shoot House in Modern Warfare

COD: Mobile adds Shoot House map

This map was part of Modern Warfare’s first free updates in 2019, and it gained popularity due to its fast-paced gameplay. It’s fairly small in size, which means that you’ll encounter enemies around every corner and have plenty of flanking opportunities.

The map’s immense popularity among fans explains why it’s getting a remake so soon, and players have a chance to try it out in a Chinese CoD Mobile Beta test. Domination is available to play as a game mode, and the map’s design hasn’t changed much.

You’ll be better off sticking with SMGs and Shotguns when playing on this map due to the close-quarters nature of the combat. We strongly recommend you set up a class that’s ideal for mobility, and allows you to fire from the hip.

So far, this remake of Shoot House is only available for COD: Mobile in a Beta stage. That means that the developers are working with fans to fine-tune it before it’s actual release, so you can try it out, and leave feedback on areas to improve upon.

So far it seems to be working perfectly fine. No bugs or glitches have been discovered in the mobile version of Shoot House so unless that changes, we’ll most likely see it in a future season of CoD: Mobile.

Season 1 already has a new map, so we don’t expect to see Shoot House appear anytime in the latest update. However, if Activision announce any new developments about this, we’ll be sure to update you.

Image Credits: Activision

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