Looks like Alex Mason and the gang will be going toe to toe with the Master Chief in November. In a surprise announcement today, 343 Studios revealed that Halo 4 will be dropping on November 6th. The last 3 Xbox 360 Halo titles were released in September but now it appears it will be encroaching on Call of Duty’s territory.

The next Call of Duty (Black Ops 2) has yet to be announced, however it was was already rumored (and assumed) that Black Ops 2 would be dropping on November 6th, now we’re not so sure. 2010’s Black Ops was released on Nov. 9th and all past Call of Duty titles were always released in the 2nd or 3rd week of November.

All signs are now pointing to a possible November 13th release date for Black Ops 2. If not, there’s going to be an afully long line at GameStop this November 6th..

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