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The Walking Dead characters are coming to Fortnite Season 5

Epic Games took the stage during The Game Awards to announce a Fortnite crossover with The Walking Dead, starting with two new skins.



Epic Games revealed new Fortnite Season 5 content in their segment during The Game Awards 2020. They announced a crossover with The Walking Dead in the form of Daryl and Michonne skins.

The Game Awards 2020 took place on December 10. At this event, various developers and players came together to give recognition to all the amazing titles that came out this past year. The developers also gave fans a tease of what to expect soon.

Epic Games had a segment in which they revealed some new additions to Fortnite. After confirming rumors that we’ll see the arrival of Halo’s Master Chief, they also announced a couple of brand new The Walking Dead skins.

Fan-favorites Daryl and Michonne are coming to Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 as hunters. Here’s everything we know about this.

Daryl and Michonne's Fortnite Season 5 skins

Daryl and Michonne Fortnite crossover skins

The two new hunters were revealed in a cinematic trailer that started off with them doing what they do best – taking down Walkers. We then see Michonne and Daryl getting ready for the coming hoard before Jonesy drops in front of them. He opens a rift and takes the duo with him into the world of Fortnite.

Since the teaser also had Walkers in it, we could potentially see some zombie-themed cosmetics in Season 5 as well. You can watch the Game Awards trailer below.

This announcement was certainly unexpected, but it’s bound to excite The Walking Dead fans. Epic Games confirmed that the new skins will be in the Fortnite Item Shop on December 16 for all platforms.

There is also some Halo content on the way, along with rumors of Predator and Jurassic World crossovers. Fortnite Season 5 is full of surprises, and we’re eager to see what they’ll announce next.


Fortnite Baby Yoda back bling being called ‘pay-to-lose’

The Baby Yoda back bling cosmetic in Fortnite Season 5 is plagued by a bug that is causing players to become irritated.



The Mandalorian in Fortnite Season 5

A new Fortnite bug is causing aiming problems for players with the Baby Yoda back bling and is rendering the cosmetic useless. Now fans are Epic Games to provide a fix for this problem.

The Mandalorian headlined the Season 5 Battle Pass for Fortnite. Epic Games introduced a ton of new Mandalorian-themed cosmetics such as skins, a glider, the Razor Crest, and Beskar armor. There’s also a Baby Yoda back bling that you can equip at Level 100.

Many players have started to unlock the back bling as Season 5’s end draws near, but they’ve come to discover that it’s plagued by an extremely irritating bug that keeps them from being able to aim properly. Now, fans are demanding a fix from the developers.

The Mandalorian and Grogu in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 5.

New bug discovered in Fortnite’s Baby Yoda back bling

When you equip the Baby Yoda back bling it will block a good portion of the screen, and prevent you from seeing the game clearly. This happens after entering and exiting a car, which causes little Grogu to become static.

Reddit user SweggyBoi posted a clip of this bug in the official Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit, and suggested that Epic Games either make the Child see-through when aiming, or move him more ot the left so that he doesn’t take up most of the screen.

One player added: “The view truly is awful with bulky skins and back blings. This one is super extreme though. Hope we just get some FOV settings finally so we can use more skins without having half the screen blocked.”

This post got over 10,000 upvotes at the time of writing, and other fans brought up a different problem with the back bling. The cosmetic tends to clip through walls or show around corners while you’re trying to hide from enemies.

The recent customizable superhero skin controversy led to the devs being accused of supporting “pay to win” cosmetics, and now the back bling is being called “pay to lose” due to its poor functionality in combat situations.

With Season 5 coming to an end on March 15, many Fortnite players have worked hard to get through most of the Battle Pass and unlock this cosmetic. Hopefully, we’ll see a fix for this problem before that time.

Image Credits: Epic Games / Disney

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Lara Croft could be coming to Fortnite Season 5

Leaks point that Lara Croft from Square Enix’s Tomb Raider franchise could be appearing as a playable skin in Fortnite.



A recent rumor suggests that Lara Croft could be making an appearance as a playable character skin in Fortnite.

With characters like Master Chief and Kratos, it’s no surprise Epic Games is looking to expand the crossover cast of skins. Each of these skins come from different publishers and developers, so expanding to Tomb Raider would mean some communication with Square Enix.

This new skin would add to the long list of publishers with skins already in the game, such as Microsoft’s Master Chief, Sony’s Kratos, Disney’s The Mandalorian, and AMC’s The Walking Dead.

According to a Twitter post by popular leaker Mang0e, there are new strings in the game’s code referencing “Typhoon,” which will be a female character, with reactive styles.

Commenters under the tweet shared some of their speculations, stating that the character could also be Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, or even Samus from Metroid.

Since this skin has reactive styles, it’s possible that as the player takes damage, the skin will get bloodier, similar to how the health system works in Tomb Raider.

Adding to the fire is an additional Tweet from the official Tomb Raider Twitter, which depicts a pickaxe, a girl (Lara Croft), and a bow, teasing a possible Fortnite appearance.

This could also just be a teaser of Tomb Raider in general, but the timing with this leak is definitely interesting. The current Season of Fortnite is slated to end March 16, 2021, so we’ll find out if these rumors are true very soon.

Of course, this is not confirmation Lara Croft will be coming to Fortnite, but we can still hope, as information points to her appearance coming to the game.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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Fortnite leaker explains how upcoming weapon “mod” attachments work

A new Fortnite leak suggests that Epic Games are planning to introduce a weapon attachments system in the game.



New Weapons Attachment system in Fortnite

A new leak seems to confirm that Epic Games are experimenting with weapon mods/attachments in Fortnite. It also reveals how this system will function within the battle royale.

Fortnite has a variety of weapons to choose from and some are harder to acquire than others. Their worth is determined by their rarity and Season 5 introduced the brand-new Exotic variants. It seems that Epic Games have even more plans for in-game weapons.

There was a leak back in December which suggested that the devs have plans to bring weapon attachments to Fortnite. Now, we have some more information about how the new weapons mod system will work.

Fortnite Season 5 weapons

New weapon mods system coming to Fortnite

This weapon mods system was leaked by the reliable Fortnite data-miner known as ‘HYPEX‘ in a Twitter post on December 27. The leaker has revealed that it will function like the attachment systems you’d see in games like PUBG.

The mods will be items that you can attach to your weapon or drop at any time and you might be able to find them lying around Fortnite Island. This means that you will be able to pick them up like you would with other items on the map.

HYPEX also stated that weapons will have “specific valid mods” that work with them, and it will be based on the “PrintValidWeaponMods” function. If this is true, then your weapons will only be able to equip a few select attachments.

The good news is that you will be able to equip more than one of them at the same time, since each weapon will come with multiple mod slots.

This mechanic has similarities to the one in Fortnite’s Save the World experience. This allows you to craft weapons with special abilities that aren’t in the BR mode. The guns will retain the same rarities that they have in the Battle Royale.

So far, we don’t have any further information about how the weapon mods system will work in the game, or what kind of attachments we should expect to see in the future. We’ll have to wait for more news about this feature to come out.

It’s worth taking all this with a grain of salt until we hear an official announcement from Epic Games about the feature. With Season 5 ending on March 15, we can expect confirmation within the next few months.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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