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TheGrefg confirms he’s the next Fortnite Icon Series skin

YouTuber and Twitch streamer “TheGrefg” has confirmed on Twitter that he has an Icon Series Fortnite skin that will be revealed soon.



TheGrefg Icon Series skin in Fortnite

Gamer and Vlogger David “TheGrefg” Cánovas has dropped a teaser on Twitter which confirms that he will be the next free skin that players can unlock in the new Icon Series Fortnite tournament.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 is filled with a variety of exciting content, such as crossovers with other franchises, new quests, Exotic Weapons, and fun weekly challenges. We are also expecting a brand new skin for the Fortnite Icon Series.

Icon Series skins are exclusive YouTuber and Twitch streamer skins that you can unlock ahead of their release by participating in the Fortnite Icon Series Tournament. Players were able to get the Lachlan skin through this competition in 2020.

Now, YouTuber and Twitch streamer David “TheGrefg” Cánovas has confirmed that he will be the next Icon Series Fortnite skin.

David "TheGrefg" Cánovas

TheGrefg is the next Fortnite Icon Series skin

TheGrefg is a Gamer and Vlogger who is massively popular on both YouTube and Twitch. He has a huge following and is a dedicated fan of Fortnite, so he recently decided to share some big news with his many followers.

While the developers themselves haven’t stated anything official at this point, the streamer took to Twitter in order to create hype. He posted a teaser image along with the date on which we’ll see a brand new Fortnite Icon Series skin.

This Tweet roughly translates as “Official Presentation of my Fortnite Skin live.

Monday, January 11 at 20:00 (CEST)

I share you with great emotion, THE FIRST TEASER.”

The content creator is clearly eager about the upcoming reveal of the skin and wanted to share his excitement with his followers. He has over 660,000 concurrent views on Twitch, which is a record-breaking amount.

It’s understandable why Epic Games would pick him to be the focus of the new Fortnite Icon Series tournament. This isn’t the first time he’s mentioned this, as he teased some big news to his fans in a stream earlier this week.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5

YouTuber SinX6 clipped the section in which TheGrefg talked about his time in Fortnite. He made it clear that he’s going to stick with the Battle Royale game for a long time and then started talking about the skin.

“l will never leave Fortnite,” said the content creator “Especially now that my skin is ready to come out. By the way, there’s something real big coming out this week, so don’t worry.”

This fueled mass speculation among his fans that he might be the next free Fortnite Icon Series skin, and now Cánovas has confirmed that theory. This has come caused great excitement among his fanbase, consisting of more than 15 million subscribers on YouTube.

This competition is similar to the tournaments that were in Chapter 2, Season 4, such as the ones that let you unlock the Daredevil and Ghost Rider skins. While we haven’t heard any official confirmation from the devs, you will probably be able to participate in this event on any platform.

Be sure to take part in it if you want to unlock some exclusive free skins before they officially come out to the item shop. Only a few players manage to walk away with the exciting prize in these tournaments, so expect a real fight.

Epic Games also have a wide variety of other competitions planned for the rest of the year. We’ll be sure to keep you updated about any new Fortnite developments in 2021.

Image Credits: Epic Games/ David “TheGrefg” Cánovas


Where to find all safe locations in Fortnite Season 6

Here’s where you can find all of the safe locations on the Fortnite Island for the Epic Quest in Chapter 2, Season 6 Week 6 to earn some nice rewards for your troubles.



safes in Fortnite

You can find and open various safes around Fortnite Island to obtain some Gold Bars, and one of the Season 6 Week 6 Epic Quests requires you to open three. Here’s how you can find these locations on the map.

You can tackle the Fortnite Season 6 Week 6 challenges for the opportunity to earn a bunch of extra XP. This can help you unlock some impressive new cosmetics while progressing through the Season 6 Battle Pass.

One of this week’s Epic Quests requires you to find and open three safes on Fortnite Island. We’ve decided to make things a bit easier for you by putting together all the safe locations in the battle royale.

Fortnite Season 6 Safe Locations

All safe locations in Fortnite Season 6

The good news is that you can find safes when visiting most POIs in Fortnite Season 6. Some of these areas have more safes than others, so you’ll want to look around in the more heavily populated ones.

Since the challenge only requires you to find and open three of them, you’ll want to visit one of the areas with the highest number of safes in them. These are Sweaty Sands, Craggy Cliffs, Dirty Docks, Holly Hedges, The Spire, and Pleasant Park.

You can take a look at all the safe locations in Fortnite Season 6 on the map below:

Fortnite Safe Locations Season 6 Map

You’ll be able to complete this Epic Quest much quicker by visiting Sweaty Sands since it has a total of seven safes for you to open. Even if a few enemies come here for the same purpose, you’ll still find enough safes to open on your own.

You can take a look at the location of each safe within Sweaty Sands on the Fortnite map below:

Fortnite Safe Locations Season 6

There’s another safe hidden inside the building at the end of the pier, so you can visit that as well. Like with other Epic Quests, completing this challenge will award you 24,000 XP.

You can try completing the rest of the Epic Quests if you want to progress through the Battle Pass faster. There’s also a Legendary Quest available for a limited time period, so be sure to hop to it.

Image Credits: Epic Games /

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How to get special Fortnite x Batman skins

Exclusive Batman universe themed skins are available in Fortnite Season 6, and here’s how you can get them for yourself.



Batman skins in Fortnite Season 6

The Batman x Fortnite comic book run has tied in the DC Universe with the battle royale, and players can get their hands on some exclusive DC-themed skins, including Batman himself.

Epic Games have introduced various Fortnite crossovers with notable franchises like TerminatorStreet Fighter & Star Wars. Now, DC has entered the arena with its own set of popular characters like Batman.

The two franchises are combining together in the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic book crossover. Purchasing each book in the series will grant you special items like character skins. Here’s how you can get them for yourself.

How to unlock Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit

Harley Quinn skin in Fortnite

Rebirth Harley Quinn is the first DC outfit that will become available to you after purchasing the Batman/Fortnite comic. We’ve known about this outfit ever since it was leaked by Fortnite data miners a while back.

As you can gather from the name, this outfit is based on Harley’s appearance during thee DC Rebirth run in the comics. She wears a red and black jacket, top and shorts, alongside red and blue pigtails.

Even if you decide not to pick up the comic book issue for yourself, you’ll still be able to get your hands on this skin when it becomes available in the Fortnite Item Shop in June 2021.

Armored Batman Zero Outfit

Armored Batman Zero Outfit in Fortnite

The Armored Zero Outfit for Batman can be seen in issue 2 of the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic. If you want this item, then you’ll have to purchase all six issues of the crossover book. This implies that we might not see this outfit in the Item Shop.

We got our first look at the suit in the comic’s official trailer, and it boasts a very different design from the traditional Batman look. As the name implies, the new Outfit features more armor with a sleeveless survival aesthetic.

Deathstroke Outfit in Fortnite (Rumor)

A few leaks emerged recently, claiming that Epic Games are set on bringing another major DC Comics character to The Island in the form of the supervillain Deathstroke. He might become available to unlock as part of a future issue of the comic.

This information came from the same data miner that previously leaked the Harley Quinn skin, and they confirmed that Deathstroke is “100% becoming a skin in Season 6,” so we should expect to see him arrive soon.

While this seems likely, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is currently just a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. Hopefully, Epic will confirm his arrival in the Fortnite through an official announcement soon. If they do, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Image Credits: Epic Games / DC

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Fortnite Week 6 location challenge: Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals & Lockie’s Lighthouse

You’ll have to visit Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals and Lockie’s Lighthouse for a Fortnite week 6 challenge, and here’s where you can find them.



Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals, and Lockie’s Lighthouse locations in Fortnite

One of the Epic Quests in Week 6 of Fortnite Season 6 requires you to visit Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals, and Lockie’s Lighthouse. We’ll go over each of these locations on the battle royale’s map.

The Fortnite Season 6 Week 6 challenges will grant you the opportunity to earn some extra XP to unlock cool new cosmetics, and progress through the Season 6 Battle Pass.

One of these challenges requires you to visit Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals, and Lockie’s Lighthouse. We’ll help make things a little easier by marking these locations on the map, so that you can complete this Epic Quest.

Rainbow Rental in Fortnite

Where to find Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals, & Lockie’s Lighthouse in Fortnite

The good news is that these landmarks aren’t particularly difficult to find if you know where to look on Fortnite Island. All of these are easily identifiable once you spot them, and two of them are fairly close to each other.

We’ve marked each of these locations on Fortnite’s map below:

fancy view, lockie's lighthouse, rainbow rentals locations in Fortnite

Lockie’s Lighthouse is the easiest of these locations to find. It’s on its own little island in the Northern section of the map, right between Stealthy Stronghold and Craggy Cliffs. You’ll find it extremely difficult to miss.

As the name implies, Fancy View is a nice-looking house by the coast just northwest of Holly Hedges. If you head inside then you’ll find a ton of Rocket League merchandise lying around, so just stick to the road until you get there.

Finally, Rainbow Rentals is on the west coast of the Island and consists of five colorful huts on the beach. You can easily rotate there from Holly Hedges since it’s directly southwest of that area.

Lockie’s Lighthouse

That covers all the locations of the landmarks that you have you have to visit in order to complete the Week 6 challenge. As with other Epic Quests, completing this challenge will award you 24,000 XP.

You can try completing the rest of the Epic Quests as well if you want to progress through the Battle Pass faster. There’s also a Legendary Quest that’s available for a limited time period, so be sure to hop to it.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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