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Three unreleased Fortnite weapons have been leaked

A brand new leak has revealed three weapons that have not been added to Fortnite, and they’re all amazing.



There are a plethora of amazing new weapons in Fortnite Season 5, and now some leakers have revealed three unreleased guns. It’s not clear why these aren’t in the game because they look fun and ridiculous.

Fortnite as Chapter 2, Season 5 has been out for a while now, and it has brought a ton of exciting new content to the game, such as brand new cosmetics, quests, and crossovers with other franchises. We have also seen the arrival of brand new weapons.

There are various guns that you can try out in the game, and Season 5 introduced the brand-new Exotic Weapons. We’re all wondering what new weapons will Epic Games add next, and now some new leaks have revealed a few unreleased Fortnite weapons.

Fortnite unreleased weapons leak

This information came from Fortnite leaker ximton who made a post in the FortniteLeaks subreddit. Unreleased weapons are always fun to sort through, and this was a particularly interesting bunch that got discovered.

The first weapon we’re looking at is a minigun grenade launcher with a high rate of fire that is capable of dealing AOE damage. It’s unclear why this weapon hasn’t been implemented, but it is rumored that it was initially meant for release in Season 4.

The next weapon is an electric gun that shoots balls of explosive energy. The projectiles then explode upon impact so it functions a lot like the grenade launcher.

It’s unclear whether or not the developers plan to implement this into the game at any point, but the thread labels it as “possibly scrapped.”

The last weapon is outrageous and hilarious. It’s a gun that shoots gnome projectiles at your enemies. When it was fired, the weapon would play a guitar tune sound effect. This is definitely the kind of gun that players would love to use, but sadly we’ll probably never see it.

The thread makes it clear that this was most likely a dev only weapon. Meaning we wouldn’t have much luck getting our hands on it.

We’re not sure at this point why these weapons are not already in the game. Some of them might be planned for a future update, while others might be scrapped ideas that would never make it into the final product.

It’s possible that they were not properly optimized, which led to them functioning improperly. Regardless of what the cause is, these guns look incredibly fun and we’re hoping that someday Epic Games will decide to add them in a season of Fortnite.

Image Credits: Epic Games/ximton


How to complete Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests: Free RLCS cosmetics

Here’s how you can complete the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests to unlock free RLCS cosmetics as rewards.



Rocket League trophy in Fortnite

The Rocket League crossover has brought new challenges to Fortnite, and here’s how you can complete the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests to unlock free RLCS cosmetics.

Fortnite has become known for its numerous crossovers, with Epic Games adding Marvel characters like Spider-Man and even real-life celebrities such as The Rock to the battle royale title.

Now, brand-new challenges are available for players to tackle as part of the Rocket League crossover in Chapter 3, Season 3. We’ll go over how you can complete the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests.

Fortnite Rocket League Rewards

How to enter Fortnite Rocket League Live Worlds event

The Rocket League Live Worlds event in Fortnite began on August 9 and will end on August 14. During this event, you can head into a new Rocket League-themed map in Fortnite’s Creative mode.

Here’s how to enter this map:

  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Open Creative Mode
  3. Head to Island Code
  4. Enter the code 8205-6994-2065

How to complete Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests

Once you’re on the map, you can check your Quests tab to see all the available Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests, and completing these will grant you RLCS cosmetics as free rewards.

Here are all the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests:

  • Deal Damage to Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (0/1)
  • Deal Damage to Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (0/1)
  • Eliminate Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (0/1)
  • Eliminate Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (0/1)

These are fairly straightforward and you should be able to get them done within a minute or so of landing in the match. Simply fire away at your opponents and once you’ve dealt damage and eliminated them, the challenges will be marked as completed.

Fortnite x Rocket League rewards

Successfully completing all the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests will unlock four new RLCS cosmetics in Chapter 3, Season 3. These include a new Glider and Back Bling.

Here are all the Fortnite x Rocket League rewards:

  • Rocket League Trophy Back Bling
  • Regal Rocket Glider
  • Nice Shot! Emoticon
  • Golden Goal Spray

That covers everything that you need to know about how to complete the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests. Be sure to hop into the game and get these free rewards before the event comes to an end.

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Image credits: Epic Games

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Best Fortnite Squid Game codes: Map codes, how to join, rules, more

Fortnite Creative lets players design a ton of unique games and maps. Here are some of the best maps based on Squid Game in Fortnite.



Squid game characters on Fortnite island

Even though Fortnite hasn’t collaborated with Squid Game officially, the community has created a lot of maps based on the popular TV series. Here are some of the best Squid Game maps in Fortnite Creative and how you can join them.

With over 1.65 billion hours of watch time, Squid Game is the most watched show in Netflix’s history. Even though collaborating with Squid Game seems to be the obvious choice for Fortnite developers, we are yet to see the crossover.

Having said that, Fortnite still has a ton of Squid Game content, thanks to Creative mode. From mini-games to accurate replicas of the series’ sets, there are many options for players to explore.

Here are the map codes for the best Squid Game islands in Fortnite Creative.

Player holding a phone device in creative mode

Best Fortnite Squid Game maps

The Lab Games

This Fortnite map combines four Squid Game mini-games and players can enjoy them all at once. There’s a wide range of levels and Fortnite weapons like harpoon guns as a part of the gameplay.

4-16 players can take part in The Lab Games together and the last player standing wins.

Map Code: 9684-5332-0845

Fortnite The Lab Games Creative map

Glass Bridge Escape

The Glass Bridge Escape map in Fortnite is a massive hit among Squid Game fans. Although the mini-game is heavily based on luck and the creator describes it as impossible, it is action-packed and entertaining.

Participants have to cross a glass bridge before the timer runs out but there’s a twist: delicate tiles on the bridge will break if you step on them.

Map Code: 2865-1481-0812

Fortnite Glass Bridge Creative map

Survival Game

The Survival Game map in Fortnite is exactly what it sounds like. There are six games including Red Light Green Light, Marbles, Honeycomb, Night Fight, Stepping Stones, and Tug of War and the winner must survive through each stage.

Each mini-game has a unique format and you won’t get bored with this map easily.

Map Code: 0652-7985-6622

The Survival Game map in Fortnite promo art

Red Light Green Light

Red Light Green Light is a Fortnite map that replicates Squid Game’s mini-game in which participants need to pass a prying robot before the timer runs out. Green light means go and a red light means stop.

Moving during the red light leads to players getting eliminated, and the mini-game is all about timing and patience.

Map Code: 6796-5852-0804

Fortnite Red Light Green Light Creative map

Sypher’s Squid Game

Prominent YouTuber SypherPK has his own Squid Game map in Fortnite called Sypher’s Squid Game. It is similar to the Red Light Green Light map but you can also play as the supervisor in it.

Map Code: 7268-0342-8131

SypherPK's Squid Game map in Fortnite Creative

PWR’s Squad Game

Squad Game might not sound correct, but it is one of the best Squid Game maps in Fortnite. From Red Light Green Light to Honeycomb to Tug-a-War, this map has all the mini-games from Squid Game and the winner gets 1 trillion V-bucks (not really).

Map code: 8443-5747-3271

Fortnite PWR Squad Game map art

How to play Squid Game maps in Fortnite

Follow these steps to play Squid Game maps in Fortnite:

  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. Click on the Change button which is located above the Play! option. This should open the Discover menu.
  3. Go to Island Code which should be the right-most section on the top of the screen.
  4. Copy paste the desired code and hit enter.
  5. Tap on Play! from the home screen and you’ll enter the map.

This guide should help you access the best Squid Game content in Fortnite. Creative 2.0 will also arrive soon, and it is safe to assume that the quality of such mini-games and islands will be even better in the near future.

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Image Credits: Epic Games / Netflix

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When will Fortnite end forever?

Fortnite has been a popular battle royale game for over five years. Some players may be wondering if Fortnite will ever be shut down forever.



Fortnite characters and Klombo in front of a black hole

Fortnite was released five years ago and to this day, it is one of the most popular games in the world. There are always rumors that Fortnite will be shut down permanently, and we’ll break down if there’s any truth to those claims.

Very few games can replicate the long-lasting success of GTA V, Minecraft, or Roblox. However, Fortnite is really close to becoming an evergreen game if the implementation of Creative 2.0 goes as planned.

In the world of the internet, popularity is accompanied by criticism and Fortnite is no exception. While some claim that the battle royale title is ‘dead’, others have a problem with the ‘sweaty’ player base.

Let’s take a look at Fortnite’s current state and anticipate if it will ever end forever.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 skins

Is Fortnite shutting down in 2022?

No, Fortnite is not shutting down in 2022. Chapter 3 of the game began with massive storyline twists and crossovers, and to be fair, the quality of live events have improved. We are closer than ever to meeting Geno (leader of the Imagined Order) and it appears to be the ideal time for Epic Games to make new content.

In fact, Fortnite seems to have caught a second wind with Chapter 3 and the Zero Build mode. The faction of players who’ve always complained about the unfair competition can now switch to Zero Build mode which is much easier to learn.

Lastly, Fortnite has massive plans for Creative 2.0 and Epic Games has confirmed that the mode will be out this year. Creative 2.0 will allow Fortnite to incorporate countless genres of gaming like Minecraft and Roblox. Accordingly, the game will have the potential to survive even if the battle royale modes don’t perform well.

Rave Cave main building in Fortnite

How many people play Fortnite: Active and monthly players in 2022

As per, Fortnite has over 257 million monthly players in August 2022. At its peak, the active player count touched 23 million in July 2022.

The active and monthly player counts are the best way to judge a game’s potential and the probability of it shutting down. Clearly, Fortnite is nowhere near ‘dead’ status and is comfortably one of the most-played games in the world.

From the facts mentioned above, it is safe to assume that Fortnite isn’t ending forever anytime soon. The battle royale title still boasts a massive player base and Epic Games can sustain it with constant updates, new content, crossovers, live events, and of course, Creative mode.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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