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Battery is the most devastating explosives specialist to hit the scene, but using her abilities to maximum effect can be tricky.

Battery is a loud specialist with big explosive, “area of effect” damage and average cooldown times. She packs a serious punch and can be used to great effect in objective gamemodes.

However, she can be easily countered due to the heavily buffed Flak Jacket perk, so how do you use her best in the current meta? Let’s take a look. This short guide is split into the Specialist Ability & Special Issue Equipment.

Specialist Ability: War Machine

The War Machine is a quick-to-fire grenade launcher with high damage and a decent splash damage radius. The grenades can bounce off walls and other objects before exploding. They can also be fired over a long distance, albeit with a heavy drop curve.

When playing against people that know of the War Machine’s power, you will need to be tactical in its usage.

We suggest using the War Machine as a backup plan of sorts. When your team is pushed out of objectives or down in points, pull out the War Machine to flip the odds. Due to it’s explosive fuse delay/projectile air-time, the War Machine cannot used as readily as the Tempest or Annihilator.

When facing Flak Jacket users, you will have to choose your targets carefully. If you see the tell-tale Flak Jacket hit marker, let your teammates take care of it with their guns. Focus on other targets without Flak Jacket. If the Flak Jacket user pushes you, hit your War Machine grenades directly into the Flak users. These hits will do a little bit of extra damage and save you from a wasted Specialist usage.

Special Equipment: Cluster Grenade

The Cluster Grenade serves a double purpose. The grenade excels in doing damage and eliminating opponents, but also brings crowd control to objectives. Enemies will have flee from the cluste grenade’s path to avoid dying.

The absolute optimal way to use the Cluster Grenade is to stick one enemy in a group. The grenade with explode after a short fuse time and most players tend to run away with the grenade stuck to them, causing more damage to their teammates.

This tactic can be used when defending or attacking an area as it only requires that you aim the grenade well and that a enemy group is nearby. You can stick the grenade to the ground or walls, but this will generally gives the enemy a bit more time to avoid it.

A final note of the Cluster Grenade. Be aware that the grenade can be deadly due to its unpredictability at times. When the grenade explodes and splits, keep track of the projectiles and be sure to avoid them yourself.

We hope these tips will help you out the next time you use Battery. Remember to experiment with different tactics and tell us your favorites ways to play Black Ops 4 on Twitter at @CharlieIntel.

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